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Pretty Boy Floyd - Public Enemies

Pretty Boy Floyd
Public Enemies
by Dana Lautzenheiser at 07 February 2018, 7:23 AM

Veteran glam rockers, PRETTY BOY FLOYD, are reunited and released their long awaited album “Public Enemies” December 1, 2017. These hair metal heavy hitters are here to bring a raucous good time after a hiatus from the studio with fourteen jams sure to put a smile on your face. The band emerged on the scene in 1987 and left their mark with 1989 debut album, “Leather Boys With Electric Toyz.”

With high energy tracks like “Feel the Heat”PRETTY BOY FLOYD reminds us that they put on a hell of a live show, and you will find yourself nostalgic for bygone days of big hair and tight pants. “We Got the Power” will have you on your feet with its catchy melodic lines, and sing songy refrain. There is a certain amount of cheesiness to the track, but it’s 80’s chic perfection.

“Do Ya Wanna Rock” is an imperative question, and also an ode to life on the road from. One can imagine something right out of a music video on MTV (when MTV actually played music videos). “Star Chaser” brings similar sentiment with lyrics about Hollywood and the strip. Things get perhaps a little creepy when you consider that these guys are old enough to be grandpas and they are singing songs about chasing tail entitled “High School Queen”, “Girls All Over the World”, and “American Dream”, but it’s all about the glory of being young, wild, and outright irresponsible. The sentiment of being carefree, zero fucks given, live for the moment comes across hard hard with tracks like “So Young So Bad.” There is some vulgarity to the lyrics in the song, which is comical, but my advice is not to turn on this song with your parroting toddler in the car.

No hair metal album would be complete without the signature ballad, queue “We Can’t Bring Back Yesterday.” PRETTY BOY FLOYD reminds us that though the 80’s and 90’s are now behind us, we have “the now, and they intend to rock us just as hard now as they did then apparently. There will undoubtedly be criticism for their long overdue follow up to “Pretty Boyz With Leather Toyz.” There will likely never be a resurgence of hair metal memorable enough to hold up against the hits of the heyday of glam rock, however, “Public Enemies” is feel good fun. We can’t bring back yesterday, but damn we can still crank up the volume and rock on.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Memorability: 6
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. S:A.T.A
2. Feel the Heat
3. High School Queen
4. Girls All Over the World
5. American Dream
6. We Can’t Bring Back Yesterday
7. We Got the Power
8. Do Ya Wanna Rock
9. Run for Your Life
10. Shock the World
11. Paint it On
12. 7 Minutes in Heaven
13. Star Chaser
14. So Young So Bad
15. Look But Don’t Touch
Steve "Sex" Summers - Vocals
JK Famous - Bass
Kristy "Krash" Majors - Guitars
Jimmy Mess - Drums
Record Label: Frontiers Music


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