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Pretty Maids - Undress your Madness Award winner

Pretty Maids
Undress your Madness
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 03 January 2020, 5:43 AM

Well, the legendary name of the Denmark Glam Metal/Heavy Metal lords of PRETTY MAIDS is widely known and needs no presentation. Their melodic musical work can be said as a solid basis for what many Metal bands from Scandinavia countries play (especially from Finland today). Albums as “Red, Hot and Heavy” and “Future World” helped to build their cult status. And even today, after almost 40 years of activity, they refuse to retire and keep releasing albums, and their latest one, called “Undress Your Madness”, shows that they’re still far from retirement.

Accessible and melodic, their main way of playing Glam Metal/Hard rock is presented here, only a bit more melodic than on their golden age, and with a modern outfit. But the catchy choruses, the charming sets of melodies, the refinement shown on their musical arrangements, everything seems to be untouched (except that time passed by and they’re more experienced now). Yes, it can be said that this album keeps their musical tradition. Jacob Hansen produced, recorded, mixed and mastered the songs of “Undress Your Madness”, creating a bridge between the past and the future, because the melodic work of the band is still pulsing on the songs, but with a heavy and modern outfit. And it’s truly clean, with defined tunes and with everything in their due places. Sometimes, it seems that Jacob had a surgeon view to build such sound quality.

Although all the songs are really excellent, the catchy modern melodies of “Serpentine” (that shows excellent vocals and keyboards) and “Firesoul Fly” (an accessible song that could be a radio hit if we were on the 80’s), the massive heavy weight of “Undress Your Madness” (that is closer to their earlier works, especially because the guitars are creating charming melodic contrasts), the tender accessibility presented on “Runaway World”, the savage and bitterly heavy “If You Want Peace (Prepare for War)” (very good work from bass guitar and drums, who helped to build the aggressive and weighty approach of this song), and the charming mix between heavy aggressiveness with impacting catchy melodies of “Black Thunder” are the ones indicated for a first time on the album. The second time, the listener will become an addicted!

These guys are still up to great things, so hear (and buy) “Undress Your Madness”, and enjoy the very good offering that PRETTY MAIDS created for you.

Musicianship: 9
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Serpentine
3. Firesoul Fly
4. Undress Your Madness
5. Will You Still Kiss Me (If I See You in Heaven)
6. Runaway World
7. If You Want Peace (Prepare for War)
8. Slavedriver
9. Shadowlands
10. Black Thunder
11. Strength of a Rose
Ronnie Atkins - Vocals
Ken Hammer - Guitars
Rene Shades - Bass
Chris Laney - Keyboards
Allan Sørensen - Drums
Record Label: Frontiers Music


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