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Pretty Wild - All The Way (EP) (CD)

Pretty Wild
All The Way (EP)
by Grigoris Chronis at 18 May 2009, 7:21 PM

Some Swedish axe attack is here again, this time via PRETTY WILD. The quartet was formed by ex-DERANGED singer/bassist Krizzy Field late in 2008 and just unleashed their debut All The Way album (or should we say EP?). Mixed by Krizzy and Martin Sweet (CRASHDIET), you don't need much of thinking to pick up the pieces and match them to fill up the puzzle. Sweden, CRASHDIET, Swedmetal Records…all leading to:
Sleazy Hard Rock/Metal with a Rock 'n' Roll attitude, dynamic tempos, enough melodies, distinct vocals and the relevant sonic voltage all Swedish bands of this genre are famous for the last years. End the review right here? If you want the big picture and only, it's quite fair to stop reading. Still, with a more in-depth look there's some special reference to be made for a couple of things.
First of all, PRETTY WILD does flirt a lot with melodies and melodic hooks, building up a songwriting concept with enough impressive and clear/melodic soloing, too; thus, this is the first trap they avoid (sounding like the vast majority of the other bands in their country). There's a certain dose of filth in their songs, but melody stands on top, with the vocals contributing a balanced mix of both melodic and sleazy singing. If you can recall the more sentimental times of MOTLEY CRUE, the most melodic moments of CRASHDIET and some specific references to other bands like ROXX GANG, TUFF, POISON, THE ALMIGHTY (not the vocals), EUROPE (some harmony patterns) and CRAZY LIXX.
Secondly, the production is more than clear, surely letting the Sleaze Rock vibe spread all over but mainly focusing on the 'polished' side of the band. Krizzy and Martin have done a terrific job in this field and - won't need this info,l I guess - the result is a set of songs you'll certainly dance to in a Rock Club or bang along if you see PRETTY WILD onstage.
Hailing from Sweden while sounding like living in Los Angeles (I think they have already performed a string shows on US ground), PRETTY WILD will probably impress you with their well-crafted set of songs in this debut EP. It would be reasonable enough to expect a full-length album some time in the (not so distant) future, right? PRETTY WILD lets the good times roll, indeed and their catchy tunes shall not let fans of the genre down. No way. A 'full' CD would score some bigger grading.

4 Star Rating

All The Way
Let The Good Times Roll
Shockin' Teen
Take It Off
Let The Good Times Roll ('86 Mix)
Dangerous (Live in L.A.)
Ivan (Ivve) Hoglund - Vocals
Krizzy Field - Guitar
Kim Chevelle - Bass
Johnny Benson - Drums
Record Label: Swedmetal Records


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