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Prey For Nothing – Kivshan

Prey For Nothing
by Sean Leslie at 26 October 2021, 6:10 AM

PREY FOR NOTHING are a melodic technical death metal band from Israel, forming in 2006 the band has a lot of experience behind them. They released a two track demo “Demo” in that same year before going on to release their debut full length album “Violence & Divine” through Rusty Cage Records in 2008, they then went on to release their second full length record “Against All Good And Evil” in 2011 and their third album “The Reasoning” in 2014 both through Massacre Records. After seven years the band are back with a new full length release titled “Kivshan” which was released independently in May of 2021.

This album is packed with nine tracks for fans to melodic death metal fans to enjoy. With heavy melodic guitars with incredible solos from both Michiel Rutten and Dima Kogan along with the hard hitting drums of Iftah Levy who also held down bass playing duties and backing vocals on the album following the lead of vocalist Yotam Defiler Avni who brought the demonic side out with his screaming vocals as well as his harsh sounding clean vocals.

The band definitely started off this album as they intended to go on with “Angels Of Atheism” the album’s opening track, they came in with the energy that was carried throughout the album from the get go, kicking off with drums, then guitars, and finally the harsh vocals were introduced bringing this track to life and there was no let up in the energy in the album ever since. The albums fifth track, the title track “Kivshan” which is actually Hebrew for “Furnace” is the second longest song on the album at just under seven and a half minutes. The track started off much slower then the previous tracks and had a much more ballad style feel to it with a very iconic sounding chorus but the energy was still kept throughout the track without being as intense as the tracks that came before it.

The album is ended with an epic four-part story known as “The Pinnacle” with the last four tracks on the album being titled “Part 1: Reshat”, “Part 2: Remez”, “Part 3: Derash” and finally “Part 4: Sod” this series is a much darker and deliberately distorted version of Jewish legend “Pardes” in which four Rabbi’s are lead into an orchard, a paradise of sorts, with only one of them, Rabbi Akiva, leaving unharmed. However in “The Pinnacle” Rabbi Akiva is actually the madman of the story.

Having listened to this album in it’s entirety, I can say if you’re a fan of melodic technical death metal or progressive metal, you’ll enjoy this album, especially if you like long songs as the shortest track on this album, the opening track, is just under five minutes in length, the longest being nearly eight minutes long. This is definitely an album to check out and a band to keep an eye on

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 6
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Angels Of Atheism
2. The Sword Devours
3. Oceans Of Tar
4. Each Other’s Throat
5. Kivshan
6. The Pinnacle – Part I: Peshat
7. The Pinnacle – Part II: Remez
8. The Pinnacle – Part III: Derash
9. The Pinnacle – Part IV: Sod
Yotam Defiler Avni – Vocals
Iftah Levy – Drums/Bass/Vocals
Michiel Rutten – Guitar
Dima Kogan – Guitar
Record Label: Independent


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