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Pride Of Lions - Fearless

Pride Of Lions
by Jussi Gough at 23 May 2017, 12:03 PM

If classic rock stirs apart of your soul longing for past melodies that get the feelers into play then check out PRIDE OF LIONS latest effort titled Fearless. An album of well written rock tunes that bring prior 80's soft rock to the forefront with todays melodic music. Formed by masterminds Jim Peterik (former SURVIVOR guitarist/keyboardist) and Toby Hitchcock this duo brings refreshing music that is easy listening to any atmosphere yet with an edge that buildings into something classically intriguing. Fearless consists of thirteen songs that bring the days of glory of love, triumph and strength but something else that is missing from todays music sound to which can be found with PRIDE OF LIONS.

Tender sentiments with emotional focus driven songwriting PRIDE OF LIONS works their magic with their skilled musicianship that carries throughout Fearless. Bringing their melodic substance to surface one might hear a distant energy of LOU GRAMM (Ready Or Not-1987) and STEVE PERRY (Street Talk-1984) blended with guitar inspired rhythms that show a slight chorded edge. One can hear this edge with title track song “Fearless” that has an early JOE SATRIANI guitar intro that blasts into a lively track of show stopping drumming, powerful vocals that are reminiscence to that of EUROPE's Joey Tempest (The Final Countdown-1986). “Silent Music” is where one can hear the soul of American R & B singer AARON NEVILLE with the beginning verse which blends out into a well sung duo inspiration of TEMPEST & NEVELLE mix. Don't mean to compare the vocalists to PRIDE OF LIONS own but there is such a diverse chorus of singing variations that the power of the singers ring out effortlessly.

Showing the musical magic that casts a lovely ambience of sweet moments song “Everlasting Love” brings one to a time where innocence bloomed much like the guitar that gently sweeps its chords of harmony that also can be felt throughout the passionate singing. Fearless in its entirety offers a musical character unto its own that possesses gusto and expressively shares its power with the listeners that doesn't go unnoticed. Tracks that are sure to please anyone with listening taste regardless of the style of music are “Freedom Of The Night” and “Faster Than A Prayer” for each track gives a life unto itself. Deep enticing melodies that relax the senses along with calming of the spirit check of PRIDE OF LIONS latest Fearless. Great work!

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. All I See Is You
2. The Tell
3. In Caricature
4. Silent Music
5. Fearless
6. Everlasting Love
7. Freedom Of The Night
8. The Light In Your Eyes
9. Rising Up
10. The Silence Says It All
11. Faster Than A Prayer
12. Unmasking The Mystery
13. Everlasting Love (Acoustic bonus verison)
Toby Hitchcock-vocals
Klem Hayes-bass
Christian Cullen-keyboards
Mike Aquino-rhythm guitar
Ed Breckenfeld-drums and percussion
Jim Peterik-lead and rhythm guitar
Record Label: Frontiers Music SRL


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