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Pride Of Lions - The Roaring Of Dreams (CD)

Pride Of Lions
The Roaring Of Dreams
by Grigoris Chronis at 25 February 2007, 8:46 AM

If I had the chance, I'd strongly do (or say) three things upon meeting Jim Peterik: a) Thank you for delivering such astonishing melodic Rock music in the 21st century, b) Thank you for providing Rock fans with (maybe) the best new 'throat' of the genre (Toby Hitchcock) and c) Thank you for keeping the flame of 'original' American FM Rock in your songs, mostly in your (best-to-date) newest (third) album The Roaring Of Dreams. (And he would gladly reply who the hell are you?…)
When SURVIVOR ruled the radio waves in the 80s, it was not that clear that the driving force was Jim Peterik himself (OK, Frankie Sullivan gets half the credit, too). The average fan was struck by the majestic melodies without wondering who'd pen such stuff, while the - breathtaking, anyway - voices of (firstly) Dave Bickler and (next) Jimi Jamison stayed long enough on the foreground. Years later after the 'unbreakable' success of colossal hits like Eye Of The Tiger and Burning Heart, SURVIVOR seem ready to re-invent the FM Rock formula with the legendary Robin McAuley (ex-GRAND PRIX/McAULEY SCHENKER GROUP), while Jim Peterik - in parallel - has already succeeded in unearthing the finest voice to emerge in the AOR/Melodic Rock scene the last years. Three albums - including this one reviewed here - sum it up to a wonderful 'portfolio' and (the truth is that) after countless auditions The Roaring Of Dreams proves to be the finest PRIDE OF LIONS effort to date.
Stealing fame form the ex-IDES OF MARCH leader, the young talent of singer Toby Hitchcock caughts (again) the listener by surprise! Hey, Jim, you've received enough fame in your career so far!!! Toby's voice is unveiled the best possible way (always backed up by the astounding harmonies of Peterik's guitars/keys). The man is already a 'classic' AOR singer while he's not even 30 years old! Listen to his performance on tunes like Book Of Life, Astonish You and (most of all) Turnaround and weep to death…His passion is unbelievable, the 'crystal' in his vocal chords is unique, his warmness is so familiar…I think without Toby the PRIDE OF LIONS project would be of less significance.
The songwriting is - also - as not seen before. Grand rockers, mid-tempo sentimental 'dimaonds' and slow-burning heartaching ballads are the 'dish'. Beholidng a perfect production - older fans will be 'invaded' by tons of a nostalgic mood - the tracklist is splentid, and I kepp on wondering how the hell this man still comoposes such killer songs! To Toby again…now hearing at his singing in Turnaround…backed by a beautiful female voice, Toby Hitchock exposes the passion numerous artists of the genre would fall on is knees to steal a 'slice'. Then, again to Astonish You and back to Faithful Heart…how much of a success would this act have in the mid-80s…
If you possess the first two PRIDE OF LIONS albums, do not miss the chance to get their finest album. If you're in to AOR/Melodic Rock and do not have a PRIDE OF LIONS CD in your collection (strange enough) grab this album and then get the other two, too. If none of the above is applicable to your likes, then you're reading to the wrong review…
The Roaring Of Dreams is already (high enough) in my 2007 Top list, even if it's only February…

4 Star Rating

Heaven of Earth
Book Of Life
Love's Eternal Flame
Language of The Heart
Let Me You Go
Faithful Heart
Defying Gravity
The Roaring of Dreams
Secret of The Way
Astonish You
Tall Ships
Toby Hitchcock - Vocals
Jim Peterik - Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards
Christian Cullen - Keyboards
Mike Aquino - Guitar
Klem Hayes - Bass
Ed Breckenfeld - Drums
Record Label: Frontiers


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