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Pridelands - Light Bends

Light Bends
by Ben Gardiner at 07 February 2022, 10:02 PM

Australian Metalcore outfit PRIDELANDS debuts their first full length album Light Bends, following a string of singles and EPs in which the heavy, progressive Metalcore sound was shaped.  The patience of waiting 6 years to release their first feature length has certainly paid off, the album gives off the sense of refined maturity and skill and their sound has landed them on the cover of Spotify’s ‘New Core’ playlist. Whilst combining Metalcore with proggy, Djent elements is nothing unheard of, "Light Bends" is evidence that the well hasn’t been fully tapped and demonstrates this throughout it’s engaging 46-minute runtime.

I Reach into Your Heart” starts off the album with a banger, its steady, meditative opening of muted drums and sound effects builds into an explosive, ever intensifying crescendo of increasing double pedals, punchy snare stabs and screamed vocals, nicely leading us into second released signal, “The Walls.” The opening reminds me of CROWN THE EMPIRE, the clean sung vocals sound great here, the music is thrust into heaviness by the dense guitar and drum sound, which are patient, slower than you might like but still driving. The midsection introduces screamed vocals, especially in the ‘Make it stop’ line, breathy aggressive delivery that hits a hard impact. The rolling toms and bursts of bass pedal are a nice drum section.

Parted Time” is a great track, a hopeful sounding, up tempo song that transforms through sections of varying cheeriness and instrumental input. Starting off with an enthusiastic muted guitar riff and building click and snare beat, it has a whimsical, joyful feeling, like something you’d hear on a pop punk album, it feels summery. The intensity rises with the addition of screamed vocals and even though the guitars move from the muted background into the front of the sound, it’s the same riff that is expanded, making for a heavier, but still equally upbeat sound. The track ends on a very nice breakdown, utilizing the classic 8th note china for a heavy, headbanging finish to a great song.

As with a lot of Metalcore albums the songs can easily blend together with similar structures and sound, "Light Bends" breaks up itself with the slower, meditative and emotional tracks like “Safer Here,” and “Evergrowth,” spliced in-between the more straightforward Metalcore tracks.

With a great instrument sound, nice vocal performance, and a few noteworthy instrumental sections, PRIDELANDS’ "Light Bends" is a nice easy listen with plenty of appeal. Where I felt it lacked creativity and gripping appeal it made up for with a soulful passion in the performance that is always enjoyable to see.

Songwriting:  6
Musicianship:  7
Memorability:  6
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. I Reach Into Your Heart
2. The Walls
3. Parallel Lines
4. Parted Time
5. The Lake of Twisted Limbs
6. Safer Here
7. Heavy Tongue
8. Antipathy
9. Translucent Blues
10. Evergrowth
11. The Sun Will Find Us
Joshua Cory - Clean Vocals
Mason Bunt - Unclean Vocals
Liam Fowler - Guitar
Daniel Lohrey - Bass
Joe Lipsham - Drums
Record Label: SharpTone Records


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