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Primacy - Seeds Of Change

Seeds Of Change
by Craig Rider at 14 August 2020, 7:07 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I proud to present to you: PRIMACY; independently unsigned, hailing from New Zealand grounds - performing Groove/Hard Rock, on their debut album entitled: "Seeds Of Change" (released 22nd of May, 2020).

Since formation in 2014; the quintet in question have 3 EPs entitled: "The Demos" (released in 2015), "Failure And Sacrifice" (released in 2016) & "III" (released in 2017). I'm introduced to their debut Full-Length Album entitled: "Seeds Of Change". 7 tracks ranging at around 33:46, PRIMACY arrange an intricately designed formula of some heavy-hitting Groove/Hard Rock amalgamations.

"Raised To Repair" begins the record; opening up with a barraged frenzy of some boisterously bouncy drum-cymbal kicks, nailing it into an amplified fretwork of adrenaline & groovy executions that rumble with reverberating manifestations. Meticulously strumming with meaty hooks, catchy punchiness & jumpy melodies that thunder with profusely robust yet synergetic patterns. Where that basslines captures an addictive flickering while this consist contrast  of excelling frontman Rhys Saran on vocals demonstrates a hardened aesthetic of some rawly rough pipes; surging with throaty shouts, and high-pitched singing that comes across as clean but amalgamating gnarly elements that showcase this organic substance of zestful variety which revels with rowdy vibrancy. Switching between grungy cries, brilliantly make this an intriguing grandure of influential grit.

"Hell Bent" opens up with this acoustic forge and is an arsenal filled to the blistering brim, implementing a host of snappy quirkiness & rapidly swift nimbleness from guitar duo Adrian Brausch (on lead) along with rhythm guitarist Jared Tobin. Both unleash this twinning virtuosity of some quintessential shreds that rip with sublime distortion, grinding into a borderline foundation of hybrid density & dextrous calamities in which wonder with dynamic creativity while sulphurously supplying riveting tightness with weighty ramifications to boot.

"La Push" skyrockets with trailblazing remedies; where the alt harmonies distil a chiselling formulaic of some sonically seamless rompiness, while ramping up with this tempestuous snare of uniquely versatile vehemence which relentlessly portrays this salubrious merger of progressively technical skill…resulting in a healthy dose of some experimental diligence and a detailed craftsmanship, attributing in a fiercely crunchy gallop that slams with volatile rushes with wildly monolithic sharpness with the tempos lacerating into an immersive whilrwind of chunky firepower & enriching expertise of sorts.

"Void" is an imaginative one; this outrè panache of haunting eerieness glows into a daunting landscape of flexible fundamentals in atmospheric instrumentation, this sobering but cool premise of towering Nu-Metal musicalities but clean yet zealous vocals oozes out momentously primitive songwriting musicianship. Mellifluously transistioning stompy drum hammering from Will Bloodfarm who piledrives with rambunctious stability throughout the record; here, he pummels with thumpy precision that strikes with this mandatory shine of pounding sophistication. The polished fluidity here is a stunning representative on what the band impressively deliver, offering this prestigious perseverence of light-hearted AOR culminations and a fierce triggering of staccato guitars crunch against the nice heft of sturdy steadiness places the song on a ballad-esquire edge… with the post-chorus bringing it back to the fuelling of angsty anthem rock territories with the juxtaposition of ruthless pandemonium makes this thrilling ride with no doubt about it…ending as it did begin.

"Ten Years" outbursts with this splendid riff while injecting an infectiously audible bassline from Sid Kattan; venomously swamping speakers with stampeding persistency, ragged riffage within the sound production shroud mid-portion, with hints of blast-beatings combust eardrums while the concrete exercise of adventurous chords upscale this euphonic èclat into an easy-listening but deathly soundscape of youthful aggression and moody vibes of traditional yet sometimes melancholic rituals. While the penultimate track "Bottleneck" repeats this ongoing verse, with this uneasing sense of urgent double-bass kicks whereas the vocals soar than anywhere else on the record with stunning requisition of steely precision & technical warfare.

Overall concluding "Seeds Of Change" with the finishing epic of the titular track itself; a converge of over-arching ideas from aforementioned traits, wrap up this record very well that spanned throughout. Everything from chugging guitars, flowing bass headiness & complex vocal shifts are indeed covered with the constructive but distinctively distinguished artistry this mysterious yet mesmerising band have assembled.

Bottom line; I compelled to say that while on the short side, there was this nice replay value that made me want to come back for more. There are a lot of influences stemming from Kiwi tyrants ALIEN WEAPORY, MASTODON & TOOL masterminds - with an added influential emphasis from DEFTONES & GOJIRA to name a few. PRIMACY are certainly an amazingly established band that most definitely deserve a listen, they outdone themselves marvellously and it is a good discovery if there's that need of enjoyably entertaining finesse for your speakers. A classy band that most definitely is worthy of a listen! Nice one, lads…check it out.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Raised to Repair 04:23
2. Hell Bent 04:11
3. La Push 05:09
4. Void 04:22
5. Ten Years 04:46
6. Bottleneck 04:47
7. Seeds of Change 06:07
Rhys Saran - Vocals
Adrian Brausch - Lead Guitar
Jared Tobin - Rhythm Guitar
Sid Kattan - Bass
Will Bloodfarm - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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