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Primal Age – Masked Enemy

Primal Age
Masked Enemy
by Ben Gardiner at 07 September 2021, 12:38 PM

Heavy hitting French Hardcore Metal band PRIMAL AGE take no prisoners with their politically charged, adrenaline fused new album Masked Enemy. Blending Hardcore elements with metal, brimming with the signature punky mix of energy and anger, and broaching topics such as animal rights, ecology, overconsumption and abuse of power, to name a few. Every element of this album, from its impressive instrumentation, genre bending, and excellent quality of production, is thought out and executed to a very high standard. Didier’s roaring vocals always hit hard, perfectly mixing growls with shouting for that Heavy Metal / Hardcore mix. Whether the drums are ferociously blasting, or thrashing away, they always sound huge, and Miguel demonstrates lots of talent in how clean his playing is.

The Devil is hidden in Shadow” begins a wicked quick drum fill and immediately I was reminded of HATEBREED, but then the first blast beat hits and I realised this was a whole lot better. The song opens up with a clear musical leaning to the Hardcore side of the album, with a very punky guitar riff and thrash drum beats, as we listen on the song descends further into aggression as the vocals become more growled, the drums start blasting and several music swells leading into epic breakdowns. “The Two Headed Monster” has lots of great catchy riffs, and enjoyable double bass work from the drums. as well as a classic hardcore breakdown into some gang vocals, with its slowed down, headbanging sections, this is one of the heaviest hitting songs on the album.

The “I Warn You” intro is as Punk as they come, and the energy is retained throughout, further use of gang vocals involve you deeper into the world of hardcore music. As quickly as this burst of energy comes, it is extinguished by the emotive acoustic strumming of “The Downside of Progress,” a moment of sombre rest amidst the aggression, the solemn counterpart to the final track, another guitar driven interlude.

PRIMAL AGE is unrivalled in their ability to neatly package a barrage of political and ethical beliefs into an enjoyable blast of music. and this album, despite the hard-hitting nature of its lyrics and its heavy sound, is incredibly enjoyable. Excellent instrumentation and song writing allow them to produce great tracks in a sea of similar sounding Metalcore/Hardcore bands and the pursuit of good sounding music is not sacrificed in the pursuit of conveying their message.

Songwriting:  8
Musicianship:  8
Memorability: 8
Production:  8

4 Star Rating

1.  Intro and Wise Old Man
2. The Devil is hidden in Shadow
3. Adolescent Humanity
4. The Two Headed Monster
5. Masked Enemy
6. I Warn You
7. The Downside of Progress
8. Who Dares Wins
9. Passion vs Fashion
10. Blinded By Cruelty
11. Awakening of Consciousness
Didier – Vocals
Benoit – Guitar
Florian – Guitar
Dimitri – Bass
Miguel – Drums
Record Label: WTF Records


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