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Primal Creation - News Feed

Primal Creation
News Feed
by Andrew Harvey at 16 June 2021, 4:45 PM

So here we are with their second release, NEWS FEED, conjured up by the thrash metal band known as PRIMAL CREATION coming from the region of Meetjesland, East Flanders in Belgium. The band consists of five big metalheads who brought us their first single “The Struggle” which then of course was followed up by their debut album in 2017 namely DEMOCRACY but now of course they are back. Their second album aside from their debut release are both released by the band independently making this group officially unsigned.

The first track “Extremely Dangerous” is a montage of spoken words likely taken from several news reports perhaps and blended together, even to a point where several voices are heard simultaneously. Guitar and a drone effect in the background whereas sampled sounds are prominent. The clash of these sampled recordings of spoken word is thick and dense as they are layered onto one another. The highlighted phrase within these spoken words is of course, “This is extremely dangerous to our democracy” which could be a nod to their previous release in 2017, DEMOCRACY. “A POST-TRUTH ORDER” comes crashing with guitar riffs and solos moving at a pretty fast tempo merged together with hard hitting drums. Perhaps we hear elements of other influences like power/speed metal at times especially with the killer guitar pitch shifts and noise when it’s in overdrive mode.

“Please Disperse”, the guitar is more settled down with those mid or low range frequencies coming to the fore. The guitar becomes the narrative at times for drums or they swap this role back and forth which shows the correlation between the two instruments. The depth and projection of bass guitar and drums is consistent and not let down at all. “Vial Play” is where there are hints of power/glam as ever accompanied by guitar in overdrive with gloomy vocals. “Antillectual Disease” with a rather different intro, building up then boom, everything pulsates with superiority and vengeance like a furious outburst.

“Follow The Reader”, I really enjoyed the guitar intro and this aspect of the track can be heard throughout the rest of the song. In particular the guitar solos really make this track glow a lot more. “Watch It Burn!” takes a rather different approach with vocals that are more sinister and ominous. Drums and guitar follow a similar pattern to the previous track yet one section of the song that was unexpected is what sounds like an excerpt from a film. The one film that springs to mind when we hear the words, “You can’t handle the truth!” is of course taken from the blockbuster, A Few Good Men from 1992 featuring some well known actors in the business of HOLLYWOOD. Along with what sounds like other phrases or clips taken from other films which I am sure people may or may not recognize.

“Lie/Share/Subscribe” featuring filtered guitar giving mid range frequencies before all instruments come into play. The style of guitar also becomes more sustained this time around at the intro but progressing onto a more heavier sound later on in the track. This track I feel stands out more for the consistency and represents the best of what this band can offer us. “The Daily Noose” opens again with the sustained guitar we heard before together with a rising build-up on drums. The drums become more punchier with the sound of double kicks before each instrument makes the transition into a thrash styled section. We can also hear a hint of what sounds like gang vocals, where all members sing a particular line.

The album closes with what we heard repeatedly from the very start, the focus on thrash metal with hints of power or speed metal too. The noise of whatever guitar effects are being used to play is revolving in the mix. This Belgian quintet is great, no doubt a follow up to their dubet release was probably necessary. It’s definitely an album worth listening to, so stay tuned for more!

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Extremely Dangerous
2. A Post-Truth Order
3. Please Disperse
4. Vial Play
5. Antillectual Disease
6. Follow The Reader
7. Watch It Burn!
8. Lie/Share/Subscribe
9. The Daily Noose
Koen Mattheuws - Vocals
Ruben Dhaene - Lead Guitar
Cédric Uyttendaele - Rhythm Guitar
Ewoud Herregat - Bass Guitar
Clint Dusslier - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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Edited 08 December 2022

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