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Primal - Humachine Award winner

by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 18 May 2023, 3:35 AM

The USA Heavy Metal scene evolved in a different form when compared to British and South American scene, because it’s natural for North American acts of such genre to have clear influences of Hard Rock of the 70’s (what can create the accessible touch of many, and it’s an inheritance given by acts as BLUE ÖYSTER CULT), a technical care that enriches songs, and of course, the heavy (yet melodic) grasp (with one difference: the ‘core’ of USA Heavy Metal is based on influences of JUDAS PRIEST, and not on IRON MAIDEN as happens in Brazil, just to show the contrast). And all these features can be found on “Humanchine”, the second album of the quartet PRIMAL. This band has experienced musicians that played in acts as HIRAX, DELIVERANCE, VIKING, HERETIC, STEEL VENGEANCE, VENGEANCE RISING, so one can expect a mature musical work.

It can be said that they work in the most traditional way possible of North American scene, because they balance things between aggressiveness (as some of them played on Thrash Metal acts, it’s nothing unexpected) and melodies, but always with personality and allowing a flow of intense energy from the songs to the hearers’ minds. It’s heavy and intense, yet melodic and catchy in a way that’s hard to resist. “Humachine” was produced by Iggy Elisabetsky (a Grammy Award winner) and recorded at D-Organization Studios in Los Angeles (CA), with the mastering done by Rob Colwell (at Bombworks Studios, in Texas). All to give the band the right balance between aggressiveness, weight and clarity. It’s all that the doctor recommended for making a Metalhead healthy. And the cover (a creation of Fernando Ricciardulli) is amazing, especially due the traces and color contrasts.

The fans will have a great release to hear (some will have to deal with the contrast between the aggressive instrumental and the melodic singing, but’s easy as the vocals are very good, remembering David DeFeys in some moments). But for the first visit, the best moments are “The Cage” (a combination between a heavy and solid instrumental with melodic vocals, based on strong and heavy guitar riffs and solos), “Humachine (Heavy Toll)” (a slow moment with some ‘sabbathic’ traces, where the interpretation of the vocals is amazing), “Firefighter” (a song heavily influenced by Hard Rock on many moments, maybe due the ‘purplenian’ rhythmic work of bass guitar and drums), “Unleash in Madness” (where modern traits inherited of Thrash Metal appears, especially on the guitars, but always without deteriorating the melodic appeal of the song), “End Times” (this one seems to be directly coming from the 80’s due its harmonies and melodies), “Warrior’s Code” (another moment plenty of Thrash Metal-like influences), and “Ever”. But as this album is addictive, on the second time, you’ll hear all the songs and ask for more!

If “Humachine” is in such a high level, its successor can be pointing to PRIMAL as one of the pillars of USA Heavy Metal, and it’s not a joke.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. The Cage
2. Humachine (Heavy Toll)
3. Firefighter
4. Unleash in Madness
5. End Times
6. Warrior’s Code
7. Savior
8. Infernal Nightmare
9. Betrayal
10. Bantu’s Victory
11. Ever
Alberto Zamarbide - Vocals
Cesar Ceregatti - Bass
Glenn Rogers - Guitars
Jorge Iacobellis - Drums
Record Label: No Life Till Metal


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