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Primal Fear - Nuclear Fire (CD)

Primal Fear
Nuclear Fire
by Stathis Giannakopoulos at 01 January 2001, 11:13 PM

Here they come again! Mr. Scheepers and Mat Sinner have returned with a new missile ready to be launched!

Primal Fear are about to release their third studio album and to prove that they are not here just to be one typical band among the others. Some people say that they sound pretty much like Judas Priest and other 80's bands… Well guys… they grew up with bands like Judas Priest and more golden 80's Metal bands. That's not a sin! In my opinion they don't just copy the 80's! They play 80's with a present touch! Yes, Ralph's voice is pretty similar to Rob Halford's but I personally believe that except for the ''Rob'' elements he has personal touches. Personal UNIQUE touches. Ok, for someone who has been listening to Heavy Metal only for 2-3 years maybe he sings the same but if you have his older material with Gamma Ray you'll see what I mean.

Anyway I'll stop defending them now and I'll move on to the new album. I just had some things inside me for a long time now. Nuclear Fire is an album that combines the first two albums but it doesn't stop there! It goes beyond! This album follows the classic Metal style of 80's with melodic touches here and there and sometimes some thrasy breakthroughs! In my opinion with this album they can proudly scream ''WE PLAY PRIMAL FEAR''. It's fuckin' Heavy Metal; what else can I say? They have so much experience and you can see that on every single note of Nuclear Fire. All the songs are very good and the production is awesome! Beware of the Nuclear assault!

4 Star Rating

Angel In Black
Kiss Of Death
Back From Hell
Now Or Never
Fight The Fire
Eye Of An Eagle
Bleed For Me
Nuclear Fire
Iron Fist In AVelvet Glove
Fire On The Horizon
Living For Metal
Ralph Scheepers - Vocals
Mat Sinner - Bass
Stefan Leibing - Guitars
Klaus Sperlin - Drums
Henny Wolter - Guitars
Record Label: Nuclear Blast


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