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Primal Fear - Seven Seals (CD)

Primal Fear
Seven Seals
by Michael Dalakos at 29 September 2005, 10:24 PM

In my eyes Primal Fear will always be the band that not only carried the huge burden of Judas Priest's extensive absence but also overcame all obstacles and released a series of magnificent classic / Power Metal albums. The collaboration of Mat Sinner and Ralph Scheepers after the departure of the second one from Gamma Ray (Kai's biggest mistake ever) proved to be a golden choice for both since the new band formed soon became a really successful team.
With their previous album, Devil's Ground (2004), Primal Fear really topped (according to the majority - in my opinion their best work till today is Black Sun - 2002) all their previous efforts. So when you raise the bar so high not only is it very hard to surpass it, but it is also very easy to fall down on your face. Some statements from Ralf the last couple of months made me hold a more contained attitude while sliding the CD inside my player.
Well, it didn't take that long to realize there was nothing to fear or worry in this new album. Seven Seals is just another stunning attempt of a band that plays Metal with capital M. in fact in this new album I dare say that Primal Fear take their music a few steps ahead. Songs like Diabolus or Seven Seals bring in mind The Healer from their previous album. Demons And Angels and Rollercoster are a bit more traditional while Evil Spell is indeed a furious modern piece of work.
Thumbs up also for Ralph Scheepers who not only proves once again to be a fine singer but also manages to deliver a hellish performance in most of the songs. Have you ever heard him catch the tones of Seven Seals in the past? Not really.
Produced by Mat Sinner and co-produced / engineered by Charlie Bauerfeind. As you can imagine there's no room for flaws in the sonic outcome of this album. All in all Seven Seals is probably one of the best, in a series of great albums, attempts of Primal Fear. Oh boy, can't wait to see them live!!!

4 Star Rating

Demons And Angels
Seven Seals
Evil Spell
The Immortal Ones
All For One
Question Of Honor
In Memory
The Union (Bonus)
Higher Power (Bonus)
Seven Seals (Video)
Ralph Scheepers - Vocals
Mat Sinner - Bass
Tom Naumann - Guitar
Randy Black - Drums
Stefan Leibing - Guitar
Record Label: Nuclear Blast Records


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