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Primate - Draw Back a Stump

Draw Back a Stump
by Phillip Lawless at 20 August 2012, 12:06 PM

PRIMATE is the latest underground Metal “super group” that includes Kevin Sharp from BRUTAL TRUTH and VENEMOUS CONCEPT on vocals and Bill Kelliher from MASTODON on guitar. Joining them in the band are three other experienced and aged Atlanta punks. Together, this group of snarling silverbacks has re-released a new version of their EP that was originally a free download from Scion A/V.

The Relapse Records version of “Draw Back a Stump” has 10 tracks, and it blurs by in just over 20 minutes. As the band name implies, the music is almost completely un-evolved, and it relies on brute force and violence to make an impact. The tracks are mainly a monstrous mixture of Grindcore and old-school Hardcore / Punk with some experimentation here and there.

The album opener and title track is 87 seconds of chaotic speed core. Next, “Global Division” uses a traditional Punk chord progression for the verses, and the guitar leads and solo add some musicality to the Cro-Magnon track. “Hellbound” is crunchy and brittle tune that could be based on a lost MOTORHEAD drum track.

“Silence of Violence” slows a bit and allows the listener to catch their breath with a strangely majestic, 30-second song intro. There’s a bit of riff worship here. When the Punk pace begins again, the lead guitar adds interest and a bit of musicality to the song. The same riff seems like it will work as an outro for about 20 seconds, but it’s followed by a three-second blast of grind finale. Up next is a faithful cover of BLACK FLAG’s “Drinking and Driving”. This was a wise choice as the song is a highlight of BLACK FLAG’s later years, and this version showcases the catchy riff and a killer guitar solo.

Rolling drums and a rock-solid bass part start off “March of the Curmudgeon”. For over a minute, the straightforward speed is gone, and it is replaced by swirling chords and guitar parts. There’s a short fuss of grind; then the original riff closes out the track. This may be the closest to MASTODON this album ventures. The next two songs are back-to-back Punk numbers. I am thinking “Wasted Youth” might be another cover as it sticks with traditional tempos, structures and sounds. “Pride” is something of a proggy Hardcore / Punk track. There are interesting guitar leads, multiple time changes and even some spoken vocals. It sticks to the old-school framework yet adds in some musicality and other interesting twists. Wow, this twisting track is kind of bananas. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

The final two tracks are all buzz and burn. “Get the Fuck Off My Lawn” is 46 seconds of old, grumpy hostility. It flashes by like many of BRUTAL TRUTH’s modern mega-grinders. “Reform” is 69 seconds of blast beats, growls and angular guitar. It seems fitting that this album ends with this one-two punch of fur-raising fury.

This old-school style album is a strong debut from a bunch of musicians who should know better. Today’s scene is positively packed with bands trying to summon the spirit of early DISCHARGE, yet I think PRIMATE has enough talent and experience to follow their own path. Here is to hoping that their future releases are experimental affairs full of mind-bending ideas.

3 Star Rating

1. Draw Back a Stump
2. Global Division
3. Hellbound
4. Silence of Violence
5. Drinking and Driving
6. March of the Curmudgeon
7. Wasted Youth
8. Pride
9. Get the Fuck Off My Lawn
10. Reform?
Kevin Sharp – Vocals
Mike Brennan – Guitars
Bill Kelliher – Guitars
Dave Whitworth – Bass/Vocals
Shayne Huff – Drums
Record Label: Relapse Records


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