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Prime Evil – Blood Curse Resurrection Award winner

Prime Evil
Blood Curse Resurrection
by Te Hao Boon at 22 July 2015, 6:20 AM

We have waited over 30 years, and finally PRIME EVIL is giving us their first full-length release after a number of demos, EPs and a breakup and reuniting. Is this album worth the 30 years of waiting? No. But it is a good album? Yes.

One thing’s for sure, from the artwork you can tell PRIME EVIL means business. In comparison to their usual DIY-style of album artwork, we are presented with Lucifer in the middle of a battlefield with bodies impaled. Just the album art itself got me excited for the ride ahead.

The LP starts out sounding too much like a demo. For one, the first two tracks “Blood Curse” and “Plague of Humanity” feel like ideas that are not fully fleshed out and the production is too claustrophobic and a wider production would help tie up some loose ends in this album. It also felt like a separate entity from the rest of the album as it has a much darker vibe, making it stick out like a sore thumb.

The standout track is “Soul Shattered”, it has the best production among the whole album and it has the strongest Thrash Metal vibe and is a very lively track in comparison to the rest. It is a punchy track with everything cut down to the essentials; the guitar solo was only around 10 seconds long. Thankfully they did not fall into the trap of going self-indulgent on their playing. Another track to note is “Homicidal Assault”, they have managed to get the Death Metal growl right on this track and it would been a much better way to start the album than “Blood Curse”.

If you are looking for catchiness and headbang-worthy songs, look into “Cannibal God”. It has the sweetest riff in the whole album, with enough guitar wailing to keep my headphones on. It has enough changes from fast Thrash Metal thumping to Death Metal breakdowns. Also, it ends fantastically. Take a listen to understand what I mean. It is a simple method, but it works.

And do note that “Mark of The Dead” starts out unnecessarily loud, so do turn your stereo down (or up, I can’t stop an anarchist!) before this track starts! It feels like the most heartfelt song, the singing is more soulful and the guitar playing is also very vocal, like it is saying a message the human voice just can’t convey.

The singing is the weakest point in this album (mainly on the first two tracks). At their weakest moments, the voice sounds tired from the years and feels weak in comparison to the hard pounding music at the background. In fact, I prefer the Thrash Metal sound they had in their 1987 demo. Their current sound sounds tired and uninspired at rare occasions.

Hey PRIME EVIL, we have waited over 3 decades, don’t just give us this one full-length and go missing in action! Thrash is good, and this is some good Thrash from PRIME EVIL!

4 Star Rating

1. Blood Curse
2. Plague of Humanity
3. Soul Shattered
4. Cannibal God
5. Horns of Rapture
6. Homicidal Assault
7. In Defiance
8. Mark of The Dead
9. Blacken The Sun
10. Strangulated Decapitation
Andy Eichhorn – Vocals
Mike Usifer – Guitars
Billy Wassweiler – Drums
Rob Broderick – Bass
Record Label: Inferno Records


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