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Prime Evil - Evilution

Prime Evil
by Daniel Silva at 08 October 2012, 4:36 PM

“New York re-unleashes its most venomous poison! The Beasts from NYC’s underground metal circuit return with a vengeance! Sicker, stronger, faster than ever!!!”. That is how PRIME EVIL’s official website announces their return to the scene after disbanding during the 90s and reuniting in 2010. For those unfamiliar with the band, like myself, they come from the New York underground scene and were very big during those days, being considered one of the most promising of that time for its new approach to metal, at that time, by playing a Death and Thrash sort of Metal. They released several demos from 87 to 92, but disbanded after failing to strike a record deal. In 2002 their whole discography was released on a compilation called “Unearthed” through Battlezone Records, the response to this record was great, which proved that the band wasn’t forgotten and still had a fan base starving for their music. 10 years later they got back together and released three new songs on this mini-EP called “Evilution”.

The three songs are “Crucifixion Aftermath”“Barbarick Rites” and “Evilution Decree”. They are pretty much your standard Death / Thrash songs, which might have been different back in those days but now is just commonplace, fast, crushing riffs, standard jackhammer-like drumming, a bass that doesn’t really stand out for better or for worse, a switch from a growling-type vocals to the occasional screaming-type vocals that at first I hated it, but eventually became indifferent toward it…

Like I said before I have never heard of this band before, so that is probably why this EP didn’t really mean anything for me, by no means is a bad album, fans of this band will probably rejoice on their return, but for me this is one of that records that you immediately forget about.

3 Star Rating

1. Crucifixion Aftermath
2. Barbarick Rites
3. Evilution Decree
Will Escollano- Bass
Billy Wassweiler- Drums
Steve Levin- Guitars
Mike Usifer - Guitars
Andy Eichhorn- Vocals
Record Label: Inferno Records


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