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Primitai - Night Brings Insanity

Night Brings Insanity
by Johnny Jackal at 30 October 2016, 9:06 PM

This is the fourth full-length from the boys from the good old United Kingdom.

The first song is ‘’Black Rider’’.The guitar work is reminiscent of PANTERA in their heyday. The vocalist is pretty good and has some pretty good range. It sounds like something from the 1980’s. It’s a good Hard Rock song but nothing earth shattering.

The second song is ‘’Savage Skies’’. I felt this song had an early Power Metal vibe, reminiscent of HELLOWEEN. It has some solid guitar solos and the production is really good as well.

The third song is ‘’Night Brings Insanity’’. It starts off with a toned down guitar intro, really nice opening riffs! This sounded a bit like early JUDAS PRIEST. For the rest of the song, it’s pretty standard Hard Rock with some heavier elements thrown in. Look it’s not bad but I just can’t really get into the songs.

The fourth song is ‘’Power Surge’’. It begins with another solid guitar solid and some awesome drumming. It’s a pretty catchy song, especially the chorus. The vocalist reminded me alot of Tony Kakka from SONATA ARCTICA on this song. There is bit more room to breathe for the other band members to shine as well.

The fifth song is ‘’My Last Escape’’. The opening solo sounds a lot like PANTERA and that’s a good thing in my book! The rest of the song reminded me a lot of early SAVATAGE if you added some Power Metal elements here and there.

The sixth song is ‘’Falling Embers’’. This might be the heaviest song of the album. This reminded me a lot of ARMORED SAINT back in the 80’s. It has that old school Hard Rock/Metal vibe throughout the song.

The seventh song is ‘’Conclusion Forgone’’. This is the slowest song of the album and pretty much the weakest. It has some pretty cheesy lyrics. I guess it’s pretty much their attempt at a Power Ballad unfortunately.

The eighth song is ‘’Night Hunter’’. They are channeling something from the mid 90’s Power Metal scene on this one. The chorus is very repetitive but it’s a pretty good overall.

The ninth song is ‘’Brace for Storms’’. Now you’re talking! This reminded me of the greatness of a band like ICED EARTH. This reminded me so much of the Mathew Barlow era of this great and underrated band. This is by far my favorite song of the album and a great way to cap off a pretty good album.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Black Rider
2. Savage Skies
3. Night Brings Insanity
4. Power Surge
5. My Last Escape
6. Falling Embers
7. Conclusion Forgone
8. Night Hunter
9. Brace for Storms
Jamie LordCastle - Bass
Chris Chilcott - Drums
Srdjan Bilic – Guitars (Lead)
Guy Miller – Vocals
Tom Draper – Guitars (Lead)
Record Label: Independent


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