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Primitive Man - Steel Casket

Primitive Man
Steel Casket
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 20 July 2019, 5:46 AM

There are times when bands try to do something different, but no one can understand what the reason for such the release is. The pseudo intellectual musician Lou Reed did such a thing on “Metal Machine Music” (his 1975 album, that same one that Lester Bangs said it was “The Greatest Album Ever Made”. Maybe that’s the reason your papa and mommy say that drugs are dangerous to your minds). And from time to time, something like that can be found. Unfortunately, this review deals with one loss of time like that, “Steel Casket”, a Demo from the North American trio PRIMITIVE MAN.

As Lou Reed’s album, no one will understand what the band is trying to do. It’s just a weird and noisy experiment, a collection of strange sound effects, noises, and it’s almost impossible to understand if there’s any musical instrument behind it. It seems like a set of modulated feedback and guitar effects to our ears. No, it’s not avant-garde, not experimental, not Drone music, and not anything else like that. It’s a total musical suicide! A waste of time! The sound quality doesn’t seem to be noisy or dirty. Bu what the band tried to do has nothing to do with a dirty or clean sound. These disgusting noises seem to be piece of leftovers of some recording session.

Sorry, but nothing can be understood during “Fear” and “A Life of Turmoil” (two songs that last more than 20 minutes each one of them). And what can anyone write if it seems like a kind of joke of bad taste, that kind that stole almost one hour of this writer’s life to nothing. If you really enjoy your ears and brains, do not listen to this Demo. It’s nothing, just like a pile of junk that can’t be recycled.

Originality: 0
Songwriting: 0
Memorability: 0
Production: 4

0 Star Rating

1. Fear
2. A Life of Turmoil
Elm - Vocals, Guitars
Jonathan Campos - Bass
Joe - Drums
Record Label: Tartarus Records


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