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Primordial - Where Greater Men Have Fallen

Where Greater Men Have Fallen
by Aaron "Five Magics" Price at 27 November 2014, 1:20 AM

To break the ice, let me inform you when I was told this band was a Black/Folk Metal mix I was expecting something much different. PRIMORDIAL being a band I see all the time while browsing through Metal Blade Records is a band I had always forgotten to look into, but this gave me new motive. A lot of this album takes on a Doom Metal feel, although it's a little weird to think of Black/Doom/Folk Metal being all in the same spot this is what "Where Greater Men Have Fallen" are bringing you.

The album opens up with the title track and it makes it very clear what album you're listening to. Being filled with clean vocals PRIMORDIAL welcome you to what is their new 2014 album. The song is fairly steady, not much to talk about because its clearly "Where Greater Men Have Fallen" and that's that. In "Babel's Tower" you can hear the Doom Metal feel early in the song but later just before the guitar solo you can hear the sort is ENSLAVED style of Black Metal. Lets not forget the solid guitar solo that happens right near the end that makes me wish I started playing. "Wield Lightning To Split The Sun" closes out the entire album opening with a sort of tribal drum beat and acoustic/clean guitars before the distorted riffs kick in. The closing song has a slow pace to it, although being a 7 minute song gives it plenty of space to pack anything they could want into it. The alternation between the clean/acoustic guitar and distorted is an interesting change and completely shifts the atmosphere whenever they change. The pacing of the entire album is clearly Black Metal, staying sort of slow but keeping a good speed. The vocals and lyrics are where the Folk Metal come in being about mythology and humanity.

This Irish band was out of the ordinary but very good, PRIMORDIAL are definitely a band to not put off listening to like I did. Although hearing Black Metal I was hoping the band would kick into some harsher vocals every once in a while, the album was still full of excellent riffs and atmosphere. Definitely worth looking into.

4 Star Rating

1. Where Greater Men Have Fallen
2. Babel's Tower
3. Come The Flood
4. The Seed Of Tyrants
5. Ghosts Of The Charnel House
6. The Alchemist's Head
7. Born To Night
8. Wield Lightning To Split The Sun
Alan Averill Nemtheanga - Vocals
Ciarán MacUilliam - Guitar
Michael O'Floinn - Guitar
Pól MacAmlaigh - Bass
Simon O'Laoghaire - Drums
Record Label: Metal Blade Records


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