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Prins Svart - Prins Svart Award winner

Prins Svart
Prins Svart
by Martin "Doomed" Desbois at 09 October 2018, 8:24 AM

PRINS SVART  is a four members Swedish Classic Rock Nand.Thy crossed roads in the mid nineties in Stockholm and toured then as a LED ZEPPELIN cover band called FOUR STICKS. After that, they took different directions while Sebastian Sippola (drums) played with doom metal band GRAND MAGUS and PLANKTON,Tomas Thorberg (Bass)  toured with MICHAEL SCHENKER and TIAMAT and played with Sebastian in PLANKTON. Stephen Berggren (vocals) started singing in COMPANY OF SNAKES with Bernie Marsden ,Micky Moody and Neil Murray,and has been touring with DONALREY BAND (RAINBOW,DEEP PURPLE) and URIAH HEEP, Henrik Bergqvist (guitar) played with THE POODLES (since 2008).

This debut album was produced by Dino Medanhodzic (HARDCORE SUPERSTAR, KILL THE KONG ,THE POODLES, SMASH INTO PIECES).The language used here is Swedish in its entirety. But it isn't a problem, like Iceland's Black Metal cowboys SOLSTAFIR they are well received even it people don't understand the lyrics. Let's say they were influenced by the Almighty DIO, WHITESNAKE, DEEP PURPLE, RAINBOW and 80's OZZY OSBOURNE. At the first notes we can feel it, ROCK."Svarta drommar" is the first track and it serves the cause pretty well, convincing riffs , excellent vocals and harmonies are nicely used. A little psychedelia too. It has raw energy and it's intense rock n roll. The guitar knows how to sing and shout. Many influences can be heard while not being copycats. This is serious music, with serious musicians, and it's seriously fun!

"Jag sparade ingenting for vagen tillbacks" offers a more mellow singing and start, all cut down by dynamic rhythm guitars that drives the song. After that it transforms into a KASHMIR tribute. Flangered drums, and the chorus is back. I feared that the song turned into a LED ZEPPELIN tribute the whole time, that was used intelligently. It's  not a long song but just enough."Där jag en gång stått" is really a vocal performance track. This is the best song to hear Stephen Berggren's voice and talent. He did a superb job. He adds a lot to the songs. This third track is a good choice to take a little break and get in touch with our feelings."De har kommit för att hämta mig" is more uptempo,basic drumming to show the rhythm. The riffs have a little metal structure while staying in the classic rock area. The guitars gently atmospheric, with reverb and delay and we can't finish this one without being blasted with a great solo, returning to the chorus again but the guitar didn't say his last words, we are exposed to some more guitar licks that rock the fuck out. Then Everything must end one day so we hurry to track five.

"Färd i natt" is definitively for DEEP PURPLE fans, well you guessed there is organ here. The vocals are incredible so are the six strings and the bass too.It's a smooth ride with interesting solos. Maybe the one I'll have in the head for a few days. I had a great moment listening to it. "Tänk om det ännu fanns tid" is the BLACK SABBATH influenced one. Excellent song! Slowly lurking into waves of psychedelia, drowning in a sea of intense rock and the smokeless flame of faraway lands. The second part is even harder and kills it pretty badly. Stuck in this whirlwind of insanity, pleasure, Classic Rock dementia, I ask to never be freed from this grip. I'll have to listen to that song a millions time more. I really dig it.

"Under fasa" is sadly, the last song of this full length. We have organs once again but in a more slow moody ambiance. The guitars are doing a pretty neat job, and the melodies are superb and catchy. The drums sound like semi militaristic, the guitars are teamed up to project the most feelings and flow they can, almost crying in the strings. I had to do air guitar and do weird faces while getting the peaks on the solos. I got entirely absorbed by the music here. They are excellent musicians and writers here.  This album is a must buy for anyone that is into classic rock.I seriously mean it. Don't get stopped by the language used. This is good to hear something new other than English all the time. It gives other soundings and makes it more original. I knew they were great musicians altogether but i was really impressed by the quality of this recording. I hope someday they will visit us here in Canada. Fingers crossed!

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 8
Memorability: 10
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Svarta Drömmar
2. Jag Sparade Ingenting För Vägen Tillbaks
3. Där Jag En Gång Stått (elegi)
4. De Kommer För Att Hämta Mig
5. Färd I Natt
6. Tänk Om Det Ännu Fanns Tid
7. Under/Fasa
Tomas Thorberg - Bass
Sebastian Sippola - Drums
Henrik Bergqvist - Guitars
Rickard Nilsson - Keyboards
Stefan Berggren - Vocals
Record Label: Musica Ex Machina


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