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Prins Svart – Under Jord Award winner

Prins Svart
Under Jord
by Rachel Montgomery at 29 August 2020, 4:11 PM

PRINS SVART presents its fans with its latest album, "Under Jord". Combining 70s music with a distinct Scandinavian ambience, the band does a great job bringing listeners traditional metal. They sing in Swedish, but non-Swedish-speaking fans will still enjoy the great melodies on this work of art.

The opening song, “Inte Så Lätt Som Det Ser Ut,” is what would happen if you mashed RAMMSTEIN and FINNTROLL together and set it to an 80s rock band. It’s one of the heavier songs on the album, but also one of the most energized. I like how the symphonics are a hybrid of electronic and full orchestral effects. The song builds in in tensity throughout and becomes a treat for people who like traditional heavy metal.

I love the gritty melody and intense drums in the second track, “Här Finns Bara Jag.” The tempo change was a nice touch. The frenzied guitar solo after the slow refrain was a great speed-up. The background harmonies in the final chorus were also great, giving the song an uplifting feeling. The third track, “Drömskåp På Glänt,” serves as almost an outro to the second one in a 70s progressive style. It could also be an intro for the fourth track, but the style matches the second more closely. Another short, intro-like songs appears later, “Allt Mitt Liv,” but it’s more of a fleshed-out song that serves as an outro before the live track. As outros go, it’s peaceful, coming the bluesy 70s slow elements with some 80s ballad sensibilities.

The fourth track, “Sanningen För Mig,” has a 70s-inspired intro with a slow, lovely bass line and echoing, strumming guitars. I love the clear blues and 60s rock influence here. The uplifting chorus gives the song an almost gospel effect, especially as the guitars can sound like organs if you listen closely. The instrumental break is really uplifting and makes good use of orchestral elements. The guitars break out in the end, and although the refrain repeats again before the end, the repetition makes me appreciate it more. It’s almost like a heart-wrenching chant. “Ingen Minns Oss När Vi Går” is another slow song with eerie, lucent ambiance in the back. The harder parts are more intense than the last song and seem to jar the listener out of listening slumber.

Om Det Dom Viskar är Sant” has a psychedelic chord open into another 1980s style song. It sounds bouncier and more synth-heavy than the opening track. I imagine it would be a fun number at concerts, whenever those return. The guitar solo pulls out all the stops, featuring sweeps before soaring into an explosive chorus.

Overall, I enjoyed the combination of different traditional influences. Although it’s not an English-language album, fans of traditional metal will get a lot out of the album, especially the more natural, 70s approach. Give this album a listen.

Songwriting: 9
Production: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Inte Så Lätt Som Det Ser Ut
2. Här Finns Bara Jag
3. Drömskåp På Glänt
4. Sanningen För Mig
5. Ingen Minns Oss När Vi Går
6. Om Det Dom Viskar är Sant
7. Allt Mitt Liv
8. Den Gröna Manalishi Med Tvåhornad Krans
Henrik Bergqvist – vocals, guitar
Sebastian Sippola – drums
Tomas Thorberg – bass, vocals
Record Label: Musica Ex Machina


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