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Pripjat - Sons Of Tschernobyl Award winner

Sons Of Tschernobyl
by V. Srikar / Iron Mathew at 01 March 2014, 8:28 AM

V. SRIKAR (9/10)

There are have been a number of extreme Metal bands that have brought out full length albums just on the subject of "Chernobyl". What an album to bring out on Valentine’s Day! The Russian Nuclear disaster has brought out so many extreme metal artists speaking about it time and again, and it has become a historic factor not just in Russian history, but now even in the metal history considering the number of bands that have adopted this subject, most notably, the Death metal band CYTOTOXIN in their 2012 album "Radiophobia", one of my personal favorites from that year. Thrash metal as a genre has evolved beyond recognition in the last 5 years, with some simply sensational diverse album coming up from some obscure bands . PRIPJAT does a great job here.

This album clocking just above 41 minutes is more of a moshpit friendly album than a head banging friendly one (though it does have a few head banging moments).It’s got some really fast aggressive Thrash, which reminds you of SLAYER, especially due to the Tommy Araya style of angry screaming vocals brought out by Krill Gromada, who interestingly has done a great axe work along with Eugen Lyubavskyy. The album is full of bullet like riffs which hit you continuously leaving you begging for some air. Bass and drums are fast and nicely complement the guitars and do justice even during the few slow parts.

Some songs like "Acid Rain" have few groove elements in them giving a nice flavor to the album. "Born to Hate" has to be my personal favorite, because it brings out the essence and theme of the album beautifully in a single song and just presents it to the listener. Starting off with a few sentences spoken by a man, whom I assume to be the owner of the Nuclear Plant, trying to defend himself after the disaster, the song has lots of melodies and presents diversity to the album. "Red Disease" is another interesting track using a lot of bass to great effects. The title track is another song worth mentioning here for its sheer catchiness.

These guys from Cologne, North Rhie-Westphalia bring out a refreshingly great Thrash album, having great variety. For fans of HAVOK, MERCILESS DEATH and some new age Thrash bands, this should be album you can't miss. Though I am unable to pinpoint to a single negative factor in this album, still the album as a whole just falls short of being sensational, and has rooms to improve. I must say that I'm quite impressed with the production and as a whole this is a great Thrash package. As for some Trivia, PRIPJAT is a ghost town near the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Northern Ukraine, and interestingly these guys have been active since 2011, though this is their 1st shot at a full length and they nearly got everything right. Hope to hear more brutality from these Thrashers.


PRIPJAT are a Thrash Metal band from Germany who released their debut album in 2014. Influenced by the eighties Thrash Metal scene, the album is furious, frenetic and very, very heavy.

The album is very quick into its stride with the opening song, the fast and furious “Nuclear Chainsaw”. Nodding its head towards early SLAYER, this song makes you stand up and take notice. “Liquidators” rattles in at top speed with a frenetic guitar intro and a powerful vocal performance. A thunderous rhythm and relentless drumming, this is an out and out thrash epic. “Acid Reign” has the feel of “For Whom The Bell Tolls” by METALLICA as it stomps majestically through some power riffs.

The album has attitude, anger and angst which is so evident on “Born To Hate” with vocals that are spat, drums that rattle like a freight train and blistering guitar work. “Snitches Get Stitches” is another furiously fast paced Thrash song that flies by in a flash. “Red Disease” races by, with a thumping rhythm, furious vocals and some great guitar solos. Upping the tempo into what could be described as speed thrash is “Destruction Manifesto”. A pounding rhythm, blistering guitars and awesome vocals making this one of the best songs on the album.

“Toxic” owes its sound to ANTHRAX and is another fast paced thrash song with a sparkling guitar solo. The best song on the albums is “Sons Of Tschernobyl”, a six minute plus epic full of great guitar work with a lyrical content about the nuclear disaster in Chernobyl (in 1986) which affected the families of the band members. At the end of the song is the chilling click sound of a Geiger counter.

Overall, fast and furious eighties style Thrash Metal, nodding its head to the sounds of SLAYER, METALLICA and ANTHRAX.

4 Star Rating

1. Nuclear Chainsaw
2. Liquidators
3. Acid Rain
4. Born to Hate
5. Snitches Get Stitches
6. Red Disease
7. Destruction Manifesto
8. Toxic
9. Sons of Tschernobyl
10. ???????????
Yannik Bremerich - Drums
Eugen Lyubavskyy - Guitars
Krill Gromada - Vocals, Guitars
Micheal Thomer - Bass
Record Label: Bret Hard Records


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