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Prismeria - Requiem

by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 18 June 2020, 4:23 AM

As modern Metal genres were appearing in the last years of XX century, it caused a massive change into other Metal genres. As new musicians started to gather in bands, they had such influences, causing a natural process of evolution. Ok, anyone can like or not such forms, but their value can’t be denied. As the French quintet PRISMERIA brings along a vast amount of influences on “Requiem”, their first full-length.

It’s technical and melodically improved form of Thrash/Death Metal with many influences from modern Groove Metal. It’s truly different and personal, with the right balance between aggressive and melodic elements of their music, creating something powerful, full of energy and charming. Yes, it’s truly very good, even being just their first album. The sound quality is OK, but their musical work needs something better than this. It’s not bad, and everything can be heard and understood. But it could be done in a better and cleaner way. Their music deserved something in the same level as DECAPITATED had on their latest albums, something clean, defined, but with an aggressive impact.

Musically, the album’s songs speak for themselves, and the rush of adrenaline of “North” (fast and furious, with a very good work from vocals, with contrasts of grunts with screams), “Native Spirit” (a modern and abrasive technical song, with tons of energy coming from the guitar riffs), “The Ceremony” and “Passenger” (a bone-breaking catchy energy comes from both songs, with a very good work on the rhythmic session, as bass guitar and drums are play technical and solid at the same time), and “The Groovy Snake” (as the name states, it has a strong and hot groove on its melodic lines, with excellent guitar solos) is something really astonishing.

These French maniacs tend to become great in a near future. For now, “Requiem” shows that PRISMERIA is ready to strike your bones to dust!

Musicianship: 9
Songwriting: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. North
2. Native Spirit
3. The Ceremony
4. Irkalla
5. Life
6. Passenger
7. Deep into Dementia
8. Low Hopes of Men
9. The Groovy Snake 
Cyril Weinbrenner - Vocals
Leny Garcia - Guitars
Benjamin Lamy - Guitars
Alexandre Gros - Bass
Nicola Voydeville - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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