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Pro-Pain - The Final Revolution

The Final Revolution
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 21 November 2013, 4:24 PM

The pillars of the social order are trembling; the societal antagonists have something more to say about the infrastructure's fractures, interminable decaying phase that will eventually sweep the world and not just the American society in question. The revolution is imminent, violence will be spread and heads will roll and possibly come off by the swiftness of the judicial truth, meaning under the order of chaos. Sure that these issues has been one of the foremost themes for the veteran Crossover / Thrash hawkers of PRO-PAIN for more than 20 years, but apparently they have been quite renowned for their knowledge of how to distribute these frenzied notions into methods that would promptly ascertain them in a blood red moshpit. Without replenishing their Thrashed up Punk and Hardcore ammunitions, PRO-PAIN unleash another shell upon society's back with "The Final Revolution" through their new German label, SPV / Steamhammer Records, slapping the sleeper hard on the face to wake up, crying that there is war going on every day. Hammering with relentless toughness, PRO-PAIN's straightforward ferocity made me return to the Crossover borders that haven't produced anything that overwhelming since the early 90's, and no, I don't believe that MUNICIPAL WASTE isn't considered to be in the same vicinity of this giant.

In the last decade I have been finding PRO-PAIN to be an interesting concordance between BAD RELIGION, representing the agnostic social blabbermouth of the Punk infestation, head on breakneck Thrash barrage of DEATH ANGEL, leaving out the technical supplements aside and notwithstanding the massive Groove character of BIOHAZARD. On "The Final Revolution" I came to a level of clarity, as this half hour excursion passed me by so fast, leaving me to think of the messages it holds. There is that down the slums / streets / blue collar feel, as it has always been with PRO-PAIN's music, crusading against the powers with simpler riffs, instigating pain with Thrash / Hardcore / Punk persuasion crushing at will though a selection of those were deep rooted as hackneyed, implementing a few surprising melodies that were greatly composed while bursting with ignited soloing cascades by the rather new lead fretwork guy. Following the yammering of the dominant figure of Gary Meskil, the band's sole survivor from the band's formation, the PRO-PAIN crew created havoc, blasting with street level wits that are commendable and easy to perceive. Evidently, this is the stuff I'd expect from a Crossover / Thrash band, keeping it reachable, brutal and with no rest for the wicked. "All Systems Fail" and "Under the Gun" went above and beyond the band's natural comfort zone, assembling a swell hard biting Thrash / Punk smackers with fine soloing and bashing riffery. Meskil's though sounding like a lot of them out there, is quite a character spewing those reality lyrics with an angered raspy tone.

Generally, this is an easy outtake of yet another communal bash fest, nothing too creative, but it is definitive and honest with a tough attitude. PRO-PAIN defiled with songs that most are their long time dogma and it worked this time around. Therefore, be sure to attend "The Final Revolution", quality stuff in the grip of your hands. 

4 Star Rating

1. Deathwish
2. One Shot One Kill
3. Southbound
4. Problem Reaction Solution
5. The Final Revolution
6. Can't Stop the Pain
7. All Systems Fail
8. Want Some?
9. Fall From Grace
10. Emerge
11. Mass Extinction
12. Under the Gun
Gary Meskil – Vocals / Bass
Adam Phillips - Lead Guitar
Marshall Stephens - Rhythm Guitar
Jonas Sanders -Drums
Record Label: SPV / Steamhammer Records


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