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Pro-Pain - Age Of Tyranny The Tenth Crusade (CD)

Age Of Tyranny The Tenth Crusade
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 11 March 2007, 8:01 PM

What the fuck mates? A brand new PRO-PAIN album is going to be released and no advertisement, no rumours, no nothing. I was a bit surprised to see this promo CD and of course, nobody was going to take it from me. I impatiently placed it in my CD player and pushed the play button. Everything seemed so familiar. It was about time for some pure Hardcore.

PRO-PAIN were formed in 1992 by ex-CRUMBSUCKERS members Gary Meskil and drummer Dan Richardson. While having a look at their line up changes, I realized that the positions that are not so steady are the guitarists and the drummers. The band has changed guitarist three times, and drummer four times! Now, they celebrate their fifteen years of existence by releasing their eleventh full-length album.

PRO-PAIN unleash their groovy, brutal Hardcore assault with one more politically correct album. Their target is the same for one more time, the politics of America, the war in Iraq and freedom in general. I really love the word tricks this band does. I think you noticed the track Iraqnam. Everyone that knows the band, doesn't need any comments from me, because this band remains faithful to its groovy Hardcore style. Their music is characterized by raw power and aggressive breaks, as well as some slower catchy moments. The vocals have not changed at all, as Gary's vocals constitute one of PRO-PAIN's trademarks. One thing that disappointed me a bit was the existence of a Metalcore track in this album. Yes, you did not mishear what I said. A Metalcore track. Beyond The Pale is a track with catchy riffs, melodies and the guest appearance of ICARUS WITCH's vocalist Matt Bizilia, who performs the CLEAN vocals! Not that it is a bad track, but it made think several things about PRO-PAIN's future. Time will show. The thing about this album is that it definitely shows how Hardcore has to be played and some young fuckers should sit down and just watch this band show the way. Let's not forget to mention the Thrashy elements in PRO-PAIN's music! Thrashy Hardcore, this is what it is!

Age Of Tyranny proudly continues the success of PRO-PAIN's earlier albums. If you are looking for something groovy, brutal, and catchy, and Hardcore is your word for it, you already know what to do. Respect to the Hardcore ideals!

4 Star Rating

The New Reality
All For King George
Pigs In Clover
Beyond The Pale
Three Minutes Hate
Heads Will Roll
Company Jerk
Impeach, Indict, Imprison
Live Free (Or Die Trying)
Gary Meskil - Vocals, Bass
Tom Klimchuck - Guitar
Eric Klinger - Guitar
JC Dwyer - Drums
Record Label: Continental Entertainment


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