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Pro-Pain - Prophets Of Doom (CD)

Prophets Of Doom
by Ian Kaatz at 24 April 2005, 7:29 PM

It had been a while since the last time I had heard Pro-Pain, so long that I could not really tell you what they sounded like from the last time I heard them, but I did remember liking them at any rate.  So when I put this album in the CD player I was assaulted by the pummeling sound that is these legends of Hardcore, Pro-Pain.
Pro-Pain were formed in 1991 by bassist/vocalists Gary Meskill and drummer Dan Richardson both ex members of the Crumbsuckers. Pro-Pain would basically go through numerous member changes as well as put out consistent Hardcore albums throughout the next 14 years including their latest, Prophets of Doom. They would also tour relentlessly, hitting up Europe various times through out these New Yorkers' career.
Upon first listen I was not expecting such a heavy Hardcore influence, mostly because we are a Metal magazine. But slowly it grew on me while making the 30 min drive to school everyday -  let me tell you… Hardcore definitely wakes you up! The album was very well produced; the sound overall was very quality - thanks to whom I am not sure because I could not find anywhere who produced this album.  My jeers on this album go to the continued content of anti-America this and anti-America that and fuck Bush this and fuck Bush that; with tracks such as Un-American and Operation Blood For Oil. There is nothing we can do about it folks and we do know that the majority of metalheads across the world not - just the U.S.A. - are pissed off about it, me being one of them. I just think politics and music should remain separate. Maybe that is just me though.
Quality music and quality production, but the lyrical content could have been better. I think this album would be easily accessible to most listeners of Hardcore and Thrash, so it is once again a very solid album, just not really my style anymore for if I recall correctly I was in my Punk/Rock phase last time I heard Pro-Pain, which must have been why I liked them more 6 years ago.

3 Star Rating

Hate Marches On
One World Ain't Enough
Getting Over
Operation Blood For Oil
Death Toll Rises
The Prisoner
Days Of Shame
Gary Meskil - Vocals & Bass
Tom Klimchuck - Guitar
Eric Klinger - Guitar
Dan Richardson - Drums
Record Label: Continental / Rawhead


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