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Procession – Doom Decimation

Doom Decimation
by Jon Conant at 06 January 2018, 10:23 PM

Nothing beats a young Metal band out of South America, which is why I love PROCESSION. These guys are from Chile, and considering that it’s pretty hard for artists out of South America to make it big, every time a younger band like this comes along, I’m all about it. These guys bill themselves as Doom Metal, but generally speaking we’re going to hear thrashier and groovier guitars with a Doom Metal vibe, and then solely clean vocals on top of that. Personally I wish we could get some harsh vocals, but they are dedicated to their sound so take it for what it is. The music is exceptionally made and well performed, and the production is impressive and modern.

Their third and latest full-length release, “Doom Decimation”, sees the band pursue their usual thrashy and heavy style from their first 2 releases with one notable exception - on this album we really hear a more veteran and marketable presentation, trading in some of the heavier and proggier guitars for more streamlined and melodic numbers. That being said, “Doom Decimation” has plenty of tracks that bring fantastic riffage – “All Decending Sons” and “When Doomsday has Come” being notable examples. Some spots (particularly “Lonely Are The Ways of the Stranger” and “Amidst The Bowels of the Earth”) get a bit too 80s Hair Metal poppy for my taste, but they make up for it elsewhere. Felipe Kutzbach sounds as good as he ever has if not better on vocals despite my sadness over the absence of harsh vocals.

Goddamn if I don’t love a good instrumental track to start an album. “The Warning” provides a softer more melodic number to kick off things off, coming in at a perfect 2 ½ minutes for opening track of this nature. The transition into the rest of the album is somewhat messy production-wise, but musically it provides a perfect segue and is a nice contrast to the kick ass groove of track 2 “When Doomsday has Come”.

Track 5 “Democide” is possibly the most Doom track on the album, taking a slow grinding pace that is melodic and dark. This is party due to the absence of vocals; it allows the guitars to shine for what they are, without being overshadowed by the fantastic but ultimately poppy cleans from Kutzbach. It is a beautiful and heavy piece of music.

My personal favorite and most repeated “As They Reached The Womb” is the highlight of the album and a perfect set up for the closer “One By One They Died”. It is a catchy and pulsating song driven by a chorus that perfectly blends the heavy and groovier guitars that define PROCESSION along with the epic and soaring vocals from Kutzbach. This track hands down features my favorite vocal delivery on the album. “As They Reached The Womb” is really to me a perfect summation of what makes PROCESSION a fantastic band. This is another top track for me in a year that is chock full of amazing music.

“One By One They Died” is a pretty typical closer - a long-form and melodic number that combines all the best aspects of the album in a dramatic and cliché fashion. I hear a lot of Power Metal influences especially, and if that suits your fancy then fantastic. I always hope for a heavier edge in a closing track, but I will say this does suit the overall motif of the album.

“Doom Decimation” is a fun and enjoyable release, despite falling short of top tier status. PROCESSION remain an exciting young band out of Chile and are worth keeping an eye on, and if you’re in the mood to mess around with some thrashier and groovier Doom Metal, “Doom Decimation” is worth your time.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. The Warning
2. When Doomsday Has Come
3. Lonely Are The Ways Of The Stranger
4. Amidst The Bowels Of Earth
5. Democide
6. All Descending Suns
7. As They Reached The Womb
8. One By One They Died
Felipe Plaza - Guitars, Vocals
Jonas Pedersen - Guitars
Claudio Botarro - Bass
Uno Bruniusson - Drums
Record Label: High Roller Records


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