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Procession Of Spectres – EP MMXX Award winner

Procession Of Spectres
by Sean Leslie at 29 December 2020, 6:59 PM

PROCESSION OF SPECTRES is an extremely talented and doomy sounding black/death metal band from Cork, Ireland the band consists of Marc O’Grady & Líam Hughes of SOOTHSAYER along with brothers Stephen Quinn & Paul Quinn from CORR MHÓNA and drummer Steve O’Connell. the bands initial release was a limited edition 50 copy split untitled cassette with INDRID COLD back in 2015, now the band are back with their first solo release, an EP titled “EP MMXX” which was released on the 2nd of July 2020 via Famorian Hate.

The first track on the EP is titled “Hawthorne” or “Sceach Gheall” which translates to the bands native language of Irish, this opening track is a long one clocking in at almost eleven minutes in length. This track draws listeners in with fast paced drumming and a complimentary guitar riff with an eerie screech that fades out leaving almost two minutes of intense instrumental, a battle between guitarists complimented by heavy hitting drums slowing down before the re-introduction of the vocals, speeding back up into a more classic death metal style leaving listeners on the edge of their seats, this track is constantly building up and slowing itself down. From incredible riffs to an almost machine gun like guitar sound to the melodic and heavy hitting drum beats topped off with the eerie vocal style it makes for an incredible track

Onto track number two which is titled “The Horsemen” or as once again it’s Irish translation states “An Marcach”. This is a slightly shorter track then the opening one as it clocks in at just under eight minutes. This track kicks off with a mix of hard hitting slow paced drumming and a loud slow guitar riff before the introduction of dual tracked vocals, one clean and the other less so for a period of time before the cleaner vocals are taken away and we’re left with a much harsher style of vocal as the track builds with the drums speeding up and the guitar going back into its machine gun style. This track is similar to the last with in it’s ability to build up and slow down a number of times however this track has more vocals then the previous one and the addition of the cleaner almost spoken vocals at the start underneath the aggressive sound was an interesting touch and made those vocals slightly easier to hear over the organized chaos that was going on instrumentally.

The third and final track on this EP is titled “Salt Of The Earth” or “Salann An Domhain” as it’s known in Irish, this track is the shortest track on the EP but is by no means a short track as it clocks in at just under seven minutes, each track on this EP is in fact shorter then the last but the EP itself is still a considerable length given it’s only three tracks long. This track starts even slower and even more sludgy then the previous one however it does pick up quite quickly with a very fast paced guitar riff and loud drums, once the vocals kicked in the track seemed like a more powerful track then the other two as the every element seemed to compliment on another well, it wasn’t too fast or too slow paced either and seemed almost more ballad like however after everything faded away and there was a moment of silence the band roared back together in a very fast paced manor bringing it back to a more extreme black metal style that can be heard throughout the EP.

I can say that fans of the black metal genre will definitely enjoy this EP, it’s got hard hitting melodic drums, intensely heavy screaming vocals, and loud, powerful guitars too, with a mix of heavy rhythms and intricate leads which were all brought together by a well played bass guitar which made for a heavy sounding EP.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 6
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Hawthorne (Sceach Gheal)
2. The Horsemen (An Marcach)
3. Salt Of The Earth (Salann An Domhain)
Líam Hughes – Vocals
Stephen Quinn – Bass
Steve O’Connell - Drums
Marc O’Grady – Guitar
Paul Quinn – Guitar
Record Label: Fomorian Hate


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