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Procreation - Incantations of Demonic Lust for Corpses of the Fallen

Incantations of Demonic Lust for Corpses of the Fallen
by Dory Khawand at 06 November 2015, 3:22 PM

If there’s one genre of metal that carries a goldmine of undiscovered gems, it’s definitely Death Metal. PROCREATION hail from Canada and started at a time where Old School Death Metal was in its golden age, a time where the genre was laid siege upon by numerous groups demanding their version of the brutality to be heard and spread across the extreme underground. Sadly however, not many were able to claim proper spotlight and as a result of obscurity outside their local scene were given the choice to disappear or persevere further.

Incantations of Demonic Lust for Corpses of the Fallen” is a compilation of PROCREATION’s discography consisting of two demos, “Rebirth into Evil” and “Coming of Hate”. Judging from the countless Old School releases I’ve heard in the genre, PROCREATION had a strong grasp on how Death Metal should be executed in its simplest form possible. Why simple? Because “Incantations…” is loaded with short abrupt solos, a barrage of low-end guitar riffs, crusty production and guttural vocals in the vein of ASPHYX and INCANTATION (to name a few). Moreover, the grasp the band had and used to execute this release is what makes this release a gem and a collectable for every Metal fan that yearns for this antique sound that you don’t hear around anymore.

The first part of this compilation is the first 6 tracks that encompass the first demo released in 1990. The production on this part is clean and the audio is a repetition of groovy, simple and classic low-end riffs that define the genre. “Caking Blood” is a standout here and showcases the peak of musicianship the band has. Also, the solos on the aforementioned track and the rest of the compilation are simple at best and only serve to amplify the adrenaline rush the way Old School Death Metal is notable for.

The second part is the second demo released in 1991 and displays exactly why this release is amazing. The production here is up-tuned and the low-end sound is completely gone! PROCREATION here conveys brutality in a new shape and brings an onslaught of audible bass guitars and chaotic unstable vocals by the beast Jay Schneider. Two tracks “Darkest Force” and “Tomb of Assyria” are re-recorded in the updated musicianship of the second demo.

Sadly, the two demos didn’t get the deserved recognition and faded away in the early 90’s. Gladly enough, Nuclear War Now! Productions brought the two demos to us in a morbidly titled compilation. PROCREATION’s members are absolute beasts that recorded nothing but pure chaos that every Death Metal enthusiast should hear in their lifetime. This release is specifically recommended for individuals that yearn for the simple, brutal and classic sound of Old School Death Metal.

4 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Morbid Reality
3. Caking Blood
4. Afterlife
5. Darkest Force
6. Tomb of Assyria
7. Darkest Force
8. Rebirth into Evil
9. The Coming of Hate
10. Tomb of Assyria
John Prizmic - Drums
Carlo Coraza - Guitar
Jay Schneider - Vocals
Jay Martin - Bass
Record Label: Nuclear War Now! Productions


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