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Product of Hate - Buried in Violence

Product of Hate
Buried in Violence
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 23 March 2016, 8:18 PM

Well, when we have to speak about North American Thrash Metal scene, we must have in our minds that the style was born on United States and gained some of its most important features. We can't deny that METALLICA, SLAYER, ANTHRAX and MEGADETH really gave great contributions to give to the style its particular sonority. But as well, EXODUS, TESTAMENT and OVERKILL are names to remember as classical ones that gave their contributions, as well. Later, at the beginning of the 90s, PANTERA arose and renewed the style in a time when it seemed to need it. And since then, some good names are appearing on the world, trying to find a new way on Thrash Metal. And bands as the North American quintet PRODUCT OF HATE really can take this trial, as their first album, "Buried in Violence", can show.

We can say that these guys from Kenosha (Wisconsin) are playing hard and fast as they must, but they are different, because you can feel, under their Thrash Metal fury, something that many bands never find: the crave for a personal music. And even being their first album, I believe they are in the right path, evading to be strongly rooted on the past, and using of some Groove and modern influences, and even some clean melodic vocals like those we usually hear in Metalcore. But do not distort my words and think things that don't exist. Hear their album, and understand what I mean.

The sound quality is really excellent, keeping the right doses of aggressiveness and clear sound. You can understand each musical detail from their music, but they are truly heavy and aggressive. It's a fine work from James Murphy on the mixing and mastering.

Their songs are all very good, a sign of great efforts done. And we can take as their best moments the following ones: the oppressive brutality show by the guitars on "Kill. You. Now." (with some modern influences arising from the drums and during the guitar solos), the fast massacre with excellent work from bass and drums executed on "Annihilation", the charming slow tempos presented on the oppressive "…As Your Kingdom Falls" (with excellent vocals, and where some clean backing vocals give a clear touch of Metalcore to their energetic work), the nasty Thrash Metal tempos heard on "Monster" (with modern influences once more, some slow and hooking moments, and again some melodic vocals appears in the middle of the brutality), the fast and furious "Buried in Violence" (this rhythmic session is really excellent! Bass guitar and drums are technically great), and the violent "Unholy Manipulator". But take a listening as well on their Thrash Metal version for OZZY OSBOURNE's "Perry Mason" that kept the original feeling, even with such aggressive approach of PRODUCT OF HATE.

Yes, these guys have guts and future!

Originality: 7
Songwriting: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Kill. You. Now.
2. Annihilation
3. …As Your Kingdom Falls
4. Blood Coated Concrete
5. Monster
6. Buried in Violence
7. Vindicare
8. Nemesis
9. Revolution of Destruction
10. Unholy Manipulator
11. Perry Mason
Adam Gilley - Vocals
Gene Rathbone - Guitars
Cody Rathbone - Guitars
Mark Campbell - Bass
Mike McGuire - Drums
Record Label: Napalm Records


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