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Profanator - Fallen

by Neil Cook at 11 February 2020, 4:30 PM

PROFANATOR is from Mexico and since 1999 has played their brand of extreme, vicious Thrash Metal. This is their 4th album. Their music is hard, fast, ultra heavy aggressive music which offers no compromise. This reviewer will be totally up front, this is not my type of music.  I enjoy Thrash, of the ilk of ANTHRAX, EXODUS, TESTAMENTSLAYER is as extreme as I get, and these guys are way beyond that.  So this is new territory for me, and one which is so outside of my wheelhouse.  I hope I can be subjective in my review.

Hatred,” the opening track thrashes up a storm. The perfect opener, it sets the tone for what follows. I really liked the vocal delivery on this track. “Corpse Harvest,” has one of the creepiest intros I’ve ever heard, and the song proper goes a long way to out SLAYER SLAYER. The wall of noise is relentless. “Solucion Final,” carries on the pace. Sung, I believe in their native Spanish, it is a fast a furious song. “Voice of Disorder” offers something a little different.  The song kicks off with a short instrumental passage, which shows a different pace and musicality, before beating you around the head again.

Next up, “Filth” offers a short sharp song, which has a real old school feel about it, with some great drum fills, one of the best on the album. “Night Fever” has the oddest intro I’ve heard in years. I really don’t want to know what made them, I sure don’t want to meet whatever it was. But the song it leads into is a very good. Full of grunts and growls and time changes, and identifiable guitar solos. A class piece of Thrash.  Unlike “Pest,” which is back to the bludgeoning wall of nose, which simply batters the ears into submission.

If you recall I said “Night Fever” had a weird intro, well the intro for “Kalendisept” may have it beat.  The cold Catholic chanting is odd enough, but the strangely robotic double tracked voice underneath is frankly disturbing.  But like the former this is one hell of a track, with a lot going on. Generally a slower, chugging track, with a great drum sound, especially on the outro.

Back to the Womb” is back to the more straight ahead sound, apart from the guitar solo, which reminds me a bit of DICK DALE Surf Rock guitar sound, or an extreme version of it, give it a listen, hopefully you’ll understand what I mean.

Firmly back in the odd, sinister intro area again with the final track “Fallen”, and again behind the intro is one of the better songs.  Another slower track, which makes it all the more disconcerting and atmospheric.  The whole spoken passage over the orchestra, the chanting and percussion is stunning. It is like listening to a Gothic horror western.  It felt like a totally different band.

I was fully expecting to not like this record, and it wasn’t totally to my liking.  For me the more complex songs were amazing, with the more straight ahead songs being a little by the numbers. It is a hard listen, and one which benefits from perseverance, if you don’t stick at it you don’t get to “Fallen,” and that is worth the wait.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 7
Overall: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Hatred
2. Corpse Harvest
3. Solucion Final
4. Voice of Disorder
5. Filth
6. Night Fever
7. Pest
8. Kalendisept
9. Back to the Womb
10. Fallen
Edson Sanchez – Vocals
Antimo Buonnano – Guitar
Luis Lee – Guitar
Sergio Maurizzio – Bass
Cesar “led” Sanchez – Drums
Record Label: FDA Records


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