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Profeci – Matecznik

by William Travers at 26 April 2020, 11:18 PM

Poland and Black Metal go hand in hand, don’t you think? One Nergul fronted a band you may have heard of from the Eastern European country BEHEMOTH? Maybe you have heard of them, maybe not, however it cannot be disputed that there is a rich history of the genre in the depths of Eastern Europe.

Step forward GODZ OV WAR PRODUCTIONS sweeping up the unsigned and underground extreme acts, giving them the publicity they both need and deserve for the hard work that they put into their music. Anyone who is a fan of the scene will undoubtedly be familiar with this label and their releases.

Net into the limelight is PROFECI, a young band by all accounts, being founded in 2018, this is their debut full length album “Matecznik” released in February of this year. The artwork, conceived by Kajetan Karczewski, is so simplistic in its nature that I cannot even begin to think of anything that it can be, what about you? See what you think…

Opening the album is “Ciemna Gora” which as far as things go has a gentle opening that reminds me almost of a BATUSHKA style of sound. With a very ritualistic feel to the both the flow and style of music I found it very pleasant, melodic and enticing. The easy on the ear clean cut vocals and flowing melodic lines are periodically accent by heavier, more rough elements that add an extra, deeper layer of sound to the music.

“Manna” opens with a much more ominous opening of dissonant guitars that bring us into another melodic main body. With Piloun’s varying vocal techniques to punctuate the music and a bouncing, groovy drum line from Symeon the track very much has a get up and move feel to it, whether that movement is a sway, mosh, or just a simple toe tap in acknowledgement is entirely up to the listener.

Next, we come to “Kir” which follows a heavier feel to the entirety of the track. Think more an inverted style to the rest of the songs. With more rough vocals being accented by the clean sections. The effects created between Piloun and Gustaw’s guitars are fantastic, the use of the layering to create an ethereal sound is expertly done.

Finally, we arrive at “Szeol” which opens with an impressive flowing instrumental line that builds and build into again a very ritualistic body of music, creating a feeling of disconnection with the listeners body. Before being abruptly pulled back to earth by the pained and emotive screams of Piloun which grab your attention instantly.

Overall, I must say that for such a young band, and for their debut album that this is a fantastic first offering. It shows a maturity and understanding of the genre and music beyond the bands years and one that I will enjoy to listen to time and time again.

Song writing: 8
Originality: 8
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Ciemna Gora
2. Plesn
3. Manna
4. Wynaturzenie
5. Kir
6. Korzenie
7. Szeol
Piloun – Guitars/Vocals
Gustaw – Guitars
Mikis – Bass
Symeon – Drums
Record Label: Godz Ov War Productions


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