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Proghma-C - Bar-do Travel

Bar-do Travel
by Dimitris Karametros at 14 April 2010, 7:04 PM

‘Progressive’ is a word that is either loved or hated by metallers, there is no middle path. I have reviewed in my small time as a Templar a few bands that thought they were progressive but failed. PROGHMA - C is not such a band, it is much more and to my humble surprise it can outshine a few bands that think they have the progressive sound by the balls as we Greeks like to say.

 This amazing band begun in 2002 by three individuals from Poland that decided to explore music and merged sounds of many different genres, producing a unique cross over full length album. “Bar-do Travel” is far from a boring cross over progressive album, it is a very intelligent piece of modern art. Some will say that it is similar to TOOL, SPHERIC UNIVERSE EXPERIENCE and PORCUPINE TREE, but PROGHMA - C go far beyond these bands.

 “Bar-do Travel” is the perfect soundtrack for the city, walking and trying to find places that you’ve never been before. It awakens a need within you for something more darker and more secret, every song is a small emotional bomb that awakens you to a more mystical state. Where TOOL and PERFECT CIRCLE might be a little repetitive, PROGHMA - C does not allow you to get bored, there is an ever changing sound field that does not allow you to calm down and blasts you with sounds that are masterfully crafted.

 PROGHMA - C are very hard to categorize, the sounds they use and the way they use them make them unique, it is probably one of the best Polish productions in a long time and maybe one of the best crossover/progressive albums that will come in the year of 2010, always hoping for more because in the progressive and experimental department we are killing for something as good and fresh as PROGHMA - C. And, yes, to all the readers that actually hear other bands apart from Metal SIGUR ROS make me want to run to my bed and sleep or in lack of a bed just fall down and sleep. PROGHMA - C wake you up and hold you awake with their sinister forms and their dark to light sides that ever change. You might hear the album again and again and each time there is something new to it. Try and listen to it as you walk in the city by night, the sensation is unique. I am writing about feelings that this album awakens and the fact that it’s one extremely intelligent album, but truth be told I wish I could be a better writer to recreate in words the sum of the feelings this album awoken in me.

 All you who wish to experiment yourselves go find this album. This CD appeals to all who like a good Rock, industrial, Metal or experimental group. Experience shows that most new bands produce a magnificent first album and then loose themselves in the dissonance of the music scene. I hope this is not the case of PROGHMA-C.

3 Star Rating

  1. Kana
  2. FO
  3. Spiralling To Another
  4. Spitted Out
  5. Spitted Out \[Out]
  6. So Be-live
  7. I Can’t Illuminate With You
  8. Naan
  9. Army Of Me
Piotr ’BOB’ Gibner – Vocals
Pawel ‘SMAGA’ Smakulski – Guitars, Synth
Lukasz ‘KUMAN’ Kumanski – Drums
Michal ‘Vaski’ Gorecki – Bass
Maja Kuta – Live VJ
Record Label: Mystic Production


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