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Project Black Pantera - Project Black Pantera Award winner

Project Black Pantera
Project Black Pantera
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 01 January 2016, 10:48 PM

Since the arrival of Crossover in the middle of the 80s (and for those who still don't know, it's just playing Hardcore music with the feeling and technique from Thrash Metal), many bands arose and are still arising from the depths of the underground scene worldwide, and the style is still gaining many mutations. And gathering a strong and heavy way into Crossover, and using some modern aggressive tunes on the instruments, comes the Brazilian trio PROJECT BLACK PANTERA, from Uberaba (Minas Gerais), vomiting their musical fury on the first work, "Project Black Pantera".

Their musical work is an explicit way of playing Crossover, along with some modern tunes that we know from works of SEPULTURA in "Chaos A.D." era (especially on the guitar tunes), with some influences from RATOS DE PORÃO, and even some Groove from Funk is presented on bass guitar some times (as we hear clearly on "Ratatatá"). Aggressive, nasty and abrasive, but done with quality is the final result when the album is heard. But beware with your ears.

The trio joined forces with Ricardo Barbosa who did the production of the album, all recorded, mixed and mastered (by Ricardo) in 106 Studio. The sound quality is abrasive, vigorous, nasty and heavy, but with a clear insight. All the musical instruments can be heard clearly, but the musical impact is extremely brutal.

The album is very good from its beginning to its very end, but as their best songs, we can name "Boto Pra Fuder" (a nasty and aggressive song, with very good riffs and hooking chorus. This is their most anthemic song), "Ratatatá" (a more groove and funk orientated song. Even with abrasive guitars and raw aggressiveness, their funk elements in the same vein from INFECTIOUS GROOVE is clear, and really tasteful), "Rede Social" (another Hardcore/Crossover song full of groove/funk influences, done with excellent guitars and drums), the rude and raw "Abre a Roda e Senta o Pé" (done with filthy guitars and vocals), the furious and fast "Execução na Av. 38" (using the traditional Hardcore speed to create an impacting song, full of good rhythmical changes), the slam dancing incite called "Manifestação", and the destructive "Escravos". And as bonus songs, an English version for "Manifestação" called "Manifestation" (only the lyrics are different, the rest is the same) and a Rap/Electronic version for "Execução na Av. 38".

Prepare your ears and souls for this nasty and savage attack, because this band "bota pra fuder" with full force!

4 Star Rating

1. Boto Pra Fuder
2. Ratatatá
3. Godzilla
4. Eu Sei
5. Rede Social
6. Abre a Roda e Senta o Pé
7. Execução na Av. 38
8. Manifestação
9. Ressurreição
10. Escravos
11. Manifestation
12. Execução na Av. 38 feat. J. Cole
Charles Gama - Vocals, Guitars
Chaene Gama - Bass
Rodrigo (Pancho) - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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