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Project Infinity - Universe Award winner

Project Infinity
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 31 October 2018, 7:49 AM

Progressive metal/fusion Ukrainian band PROJECT INFINITY formed in 2014. Woody Lazor and Dmitry Kim (ex-JINJER) played together in a Metal band. They were going to go on their first big tour of the country, but everything was canceled because of the war in the east of Ukraine. The musicians dispersed to different cities and the band ceased to exist. Since then Woody and Kim wandered in different groups, until Woody met with guitarist Oleg Kokotun in Kiev. Woody was inspired by his songs and they decided to create a new project. Woody invited Dmitry Kim to be the drummer, because they were good friends. Later they were joined by bass player Andrew Gor. In 2018, they signed a contract with Suspiria Records and released the album "Universe,” with eight tracks.

“Revival” leads off the album. Straight out of the gate, the guitars whirl and a heavy rhythm is punched underneath harsh vocals. Progressive elements abound as the song shifts several times, with melody and architecture. “Universe” opens with more of that spiral sounding guitar, winding up and down the scale quickly, while the vocals push hard. A brief acoustical passage leads into the chorus, which is melodic and memorable. “Drifters” goes for more melody from the start, and the guitar work is noteworthy, with impeccable timing on the accents. The chorus is fully on, with deep death vocals and high flying guitars. A nice bridge following the second chorus shows us their more thoughtful side, done with clean guitars, followed by some fancy footwork on the drums.

“Native Planet” has some Metalcore elements in the vocals…this is an interesting album in that regard, as they don’t commit to any one style and just let the music do the talking. At times a bit playful and other time heavy and serious, the combination keeps the music fresh sounding. They form complete and unique passages as well, like the little bridge that flows like the water in a fresh stream, cooling you down from the earlier mayhem. The guitar solo is absolutely amazing here as well. “Stars” opens with soft clean guitars, and a comely sound, leading to a song high in melody. The vocals are almost Hardcore sounding, as the verses begin to fill. The clean guitars ring out like bells, and it’s a solemn and pretty sounding song overall. “Dreadnought” is heavier and more aggressive, with absolutely gut-wrenching vocals and dexterous guitar work. They let a lot of melody into the song as well. This is very well done…unique and heart-felt.

“Memories” beings some guitar dissonance into the landscape of melody and chaos. It’s done subtly, just enough to resonate. It continues to build until a crashing crescendo at the end, followed by the opening riff in a reprisal fashion. “Storm Echo” ends the record on a strong note. The song is rough, deep and weighted…a feast for a king. Overall, this album was outstanding, and on the cutting edge of where Metal is these days out there. There is fantastic, intelligent songwriting, with just enough complication to keep you surprised, but not enough to overwhelm you with their direction. There are also wondrous moments of melody sandwiched between deep and dark Death Metal, with the sophistication of IHSAHN or PRESSURE POINTS, and some absolutely incredible guitar work. Don’t let this album slip past you!

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Revival
2. Universe
3. Drifters
4. Native Planet
5. Stars
6. Dreadnought
7. Memories
8. Storm Echo
Woody Lazor – Vocals
Dmitry Kim – Drums
Oleg Kokotun – Guitars
Andrew Gor – Bass
Record Label: Suspiria Records


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