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Project: Roenwolfe - Neverwhere Dreamscape

Project: Roenwolfe
Neverwhere Dreamscape
by Andrija "TheIslander" Petrovic at 16 September 2013, 7:31 PM

“Nowhere Dreamscape” is the debut full-length album by Thrash / Power Metal act PROJECT: ROENWOLFE, one of the many projects by Tony C, this time teamed up with vocalist Patrick Parris, as well as few guest musicians. “Nowhere Dreamscape” carries more Thrash oriented sound dominated by strong riffs, in contrast to clean and melodic vocals that pulls to Power Metal side, except for the parts where there`s additional vocalist in a song. All music on this album is composed by Tony C, and lyrics written by Patrick Parris except of “My Dark Passinger” that was written by Tony C, and “Universal Mind” and “Travelers of Destiny” written by Bryan Edwards.

The album opens with hazily voice of John Yelland (DISFORIA) with George Orwell`s quotation over the space sounds that turns into the heavy marching rhythm. “3039” flows smoothly into “Split Rings of Saturn”, dark themed track, that sets the scenery in which rest of the tracks line up. Next up is “Roanoke” that got released as the single announcing the album. It`s faster, more aggressive track. In “Broken Drum” high-end riffs are complemented with trash rhythms. “My Dark Passenger” is track inspired by the TV Show “Dexter”. Harsh vocals in this track belongs to Tony C which complement clean vocals of Patrick Parris. “Proclamations for Devastation” recalls the social commentary and political tinge that was present on PROJECT: ROENWOLFE`s demo back in 2012, it also features guitar solos by Brett Windangle. Mid-fast riffs of the track sound angrier and accented. Next up is mid-tempo “Media Affliction”, after which comes fast riffing title track “Neverwhere Dreamscape” that features vocalist Norman Skinner.  Coming next with crushing Death Metal influenced rhytm is “Bad Blood”. “Travelers of Destiny” is the first of two songs that feature death vocalist Bryan Edwards. His deep vicious growls are perfectly integrated with music. “The Trader of Pain” is more Thrash / Death Metal oriented track, featuring Tony C on additional vocals. The track is based on “Battlestar Galactica”. Final track on the album “Universal Mind” is lyrically based on “Doctor Who”. Bryan Edwards returns for guest growl vocals and with RaeAnna Pariss makes the choir that opens the track. Guitars solos you hear belong to Brett Windangle.

Although it resembles to Arjen Anthony Lucassen`s STAR ONE “Nowhere Dreamscape” isn`t overall themed album, though it seems like one. On the first listen the songs are more or less alike. It takes few listens to really get in the mood of the album. PROJECT: ROENWOLFE did great job with its debut. Let`s hope that they only get better over time.

3 Star Rating

1. 3093
2. Split The Rings of Saturn
3. Roanoke
4. Broken Drum
5. My Dark Passenger
6. Proclamations for Devastation
7. Media Affliction
8. Neverwhere Dreamscape
9. Bad Blood
10. Travelers of Destiny
11. The Trader of Pain
12. Universal Mind
Patrick Parris – Vocals
Tony C- Guitars, Bass, Drum Programming, Vocals
Record Label: Masters Of Metal Productions


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