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Project Theory - Blood & Loyalty

Project Theroy
Blood & Loyalty
by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 01 October 2020, 6:08 AM

PROJECT THEORY is a four-person band. The musical influences of the band are based on the Nu metal and Metalcore sound range with melodic vocals and energetic rap verses mixed with a groovy orchestration. The lyrics of their songs are in English and they are referring to some personal life experiences of the band members, also to some common everyday problems and they are expressing the feeling, the struggling and the difficulties of the modern society. “Blood & Loyalty” contains ten tracks.

“Until it’s Time” opens with emotional vocals and a big riff hits, complete with keys. The harsh vocals are rapped. The music however is fairly basic in scope, staying on the open E chord for the most part. There is a little bit of a bigger sound in the chorus. “Clown Festival” opens with harsh vocals, a bit of a thicker riff, and some spacey key elements. They are still hanging onto the open chord, but there is more energy in this track. “Lucid Dreaming” opens with some electronica, leading to some nifty bass guitar work. One thing is for sure, whether or not you like Nu-Metal, this band pours themselves into their music.

“The Way we Follow” opens with some tentative guitars, then let the main riff drop. Again, they are relying too much on the open E chord as a basis for their sound. A little more venturing out might go a long way. Besides that, they have a fairly captive sound. “Blood and Loyalty” opens with this big, fat bass notes and a scream. This time, the harsh vocals are rapped, then sung cleanly. The chorus is nice and full, with emotive vocals. “False Alarm” opens with a heavy and aggressive riff, along with some rapped semi-harsh vocals. The rapping goes to double-time at one point, as the riffing moves forward quickly.

“Never Let you Down” again falls back on the open chord as the base for the sound. The vocals are ethereal at first, and they build some suspense. They turn it up in the chorus, with some harmonized vocals, and I like the electronica as well. “Into the Black” opens with a bit of electronica, leading to incensed vocals, then it retreats. It begins to build back up again, with authority and might in the riff. “Primal Call” features a fast moving and heavy riff, and I can see how well this song might come off live…a crowd favorite for sure. It bubbles with energy and some heavy moments. The vocals are rapped harshly, until some cleans come into play, as the drummer plays some nice fills.

“Fate” closes the album. Following a bit of electronica, the word “fate” is screamed over and over. It settles just for a few moments, allowing you to breathe it all in. Then, the rage is back and on full display. The chorus is another winner. Overall, one thing that you notice about the album right away is the amount of raw energy the boys put into their performance. Though they rely just a bit too much on open notes, they have enough other features like keys and electronica to keep things interesting. It’s an honest and genuine effort.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Until it’s Time
2. Clown Festival
3. Lucid Dreaming
4. The Way we Follow
5. Blood and Loyalty
6. False Alarm
7. Never Let you Down
8. Into the Black
9. Primal Call
10. Fate
Antreas Boutos – Vocals
Lefteris Arapoglou – Guitars
Alexis Kipouridis – Bass
Tasos Morfopoulos – Drums
Record Label: Infinity Entertainment


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