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Prometheus - Resonant Echoes From Cosmos of Old

Resonant Echoes From Cosmos of Old
by Laura Glover at 08 November 2020, 7:19 AM

Greek Black Death Metal band, PROMETHEUS, braved 2020 to bring us their newest release, “Resonant Echos from Cosmos of Old”. Released October 23, this is their sixth release to date. Relying heavily on synthesis and melody, this album has a mind warping flare to it. Close your eyes and get lost in the deep-seated emptiness, darkness, and despair. PROMETHEUS claims inspiration from MORBID ANGEL, whose influence can be heard throughout the album. A heavy and fantastical sound, married to vocals scourging the depths of your soul. Waves of music that lead you into a meditative state, open doors of consciousness. Like stars exploding in the vast distance, beyond the known universe. Cosmic and light, yet lost and lonely.

Gravitrons Passing Through Yog-Sothoth" - The all-seeing, reality warping. Locked outside the universe. Sight and knowledge. Of space and time. The mass of glowing orbs. The lurker at the threshold.” This song has some very strong, passionate, and introspective lyrics. Truly, I am the lurker at the threshold. The threshold of life, the threshold of the very cosmos. I am a mere traveler in this place of sound and emotion. Epic threads that bind me together, threads made of time itself. “Astrophobos” - “In the midnight heavens burning, through ethereal deeps afar, once I watched with restless yearning, an alluring, aureate star.” A song with a heavier beat, showcasing the deep vocals. A song both of deep yearning, and the darkest despair.

Resonant Echoes from Cosmos of Old” - This storyline fully engulfs all that is this year. Talking about those seers frantically attempting to foretell what is to come. As we look about us at the wreckage of what once was. The dust has not yet settled, and it is slightly frightening to think of what our world will look like once it does. “The Crimson Tower of the Headless God” - Synthesis carries horrifically benign sounding notes, yet the guitar carries the heavier tones. Fast-paced guitar set the pace for the brash vocals to tell its dark tale.

Resonant Echoes from Cosmos of Old” is a well written album lyrically. I always love when an albums lyrics read poetically. Then adding the synthesis and symphonics here and there really adds to the aura of the whole thing. From soft and light to dark and heavy, this album covers almost all ground. PROMETHEUS is a well-liked band amongst their fanbase, as well as this is definitely an album worth checking out. Especially if you are a foreign metal enthusiast as I am.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Gravitons Passing Through Yog-Sothoth
2. Azathoth
3. Astrophobos
4. Resonant Echoes from Cosmos of Old
5. Ανεμοι των Αστρων
6. The Crimson Tower of the Headless God
Espophis – Guitars, Bass, and Synths
Aggelos – Vocals
Nodens – Drums
Record Label: I, Voidhanger Records


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