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Promethium - Welcome To The Institution

Welcome To The Institution
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 07 February 2013, 10:38 AM

Going back in time, when it comes to Metal / Rock releases, usually means back to the 80s or to the 70s, of course not the 60s, but I have never heard or read, don’t judge me if I missed a different publication, when a writer stated that going back in time to the 90s. Well, and I don’t know if I am the first, I hereby proclaim that I just went back in time to two decades ago, yeah that is right, back when Metal nearly diminished or just played out rather bad. After being asked for it, I got the latest release, goes by the name of “Welcome To The Institution”, of the English based band PROMETHIUM. These guys brought me back memories of the times when I was between Junior High and High School, still taking in every bit of Metal I could, liked it heavy and right to the skull. With influences taken from Grunge / Alternative / Nu Metal al’a ALICE IN CHAINS, SOUNDGARDEN and DEFTONES but also the modern cored Metal in the vein of new era SEPULTURA, SOULFLY and later version of PANTERA, this mental institution didn’t sound bad at all.

After the first spin of the album, I was more or less complacent about my reaction towards it. Frankly it wasn’t that comforting as nearly half of the release bored me right until “33.1” punched my clock and opened my eyes, and then it was back to the classroom, back to school, back to the damn institution. I promise you that it isn’t a personal nightmare or something, but it was there. Then I clicked on the album again for a reprise because I felt that I left something smoking inside that I had to find its source and then it hit me. PROMETHIUM were better than I thought. Though I am a traditional Metal fan at heart, and also that these guys are British in origin from where Metal was conceived in the first place. But as you can see these guys didn’t exactly follow the code but their hearts. I found out that their simplistic grooves, musical arrangements (though lack melodies as it was mainly riff based with tons of rhythms), had something uncanny but entertaining. I didn’t care much for the so called growls (didn’t sound quite as growls but something that seemed like roars), but at least the clean vocals, which reined most of the release were quite nice, a few slip ups but not too serious that damaged the songs. The lack of melodies, even for a few, was felt and it didn’t add to the band’s creativeness. Yet, there were scarce solos that provided a little bit extra energy to the kicking grooves.

Even though “33.1” was the first track of the album that really got me into PROMETHIUM disruptive Metal force, I enjoyed “The Curse”, a dopy track with a fine story behind it that I could only guess. Great main riff, although quite repetitive, that did good for me. The solo seemed a bit of the Punky origin at first but developed into something simple, a bit more Metallic, but still nice. “Murder Inc.”, a great example of an ALICE IN CHAINS song, groovy, heavy type of Alternative nation, even with a trail of suspense. Cantrell would have surly liked it if given the chance to listen to it. “Cycle Of Vengeance”, the album’s most developed track, turning things up with a fine lead guitar overhead on top of a nice rhythm. There is also a cool riff on the verse, seemed quite familiar but I couldn’t pinpoint. The growls or whatever it was really not necessary, but it is the band’s choice. In a few last words, a fine disposition of the 90s era, where Metal had been experimented upon by the mainstream Rock / Hardcore, PROMETHIUM has it in them and I am glad to be knowing them.

3 Star Rating

1. Distant Illusion
2. Visions
3. Meaning of Trust
4. Nothing
5. Tribute To The Fallen
6. 33.1
7. Cycle Of Vengeance
8. Trapped
9. The Curse
10. Murder Inc
Dan - Guitar
Gary - Vocals
Rossi - Guitar / Vocals
Barry - Bass / Vocals
Allan - Drums
Record Label: Casket Music


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