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Promiscuity - Basic Instinct

Basic Instinct
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 21 October 2013, 10:09 PM

Beyond the realms of endless filth, there is a raw pest from the past, a slowly rotting obscenity, spewing its vomit continuously, seeking to reshape the world in its own malevolent image. Attesting to snip the fortunes of the present while establishing their own future, the Israeli visceral intercourse addictive trio of PROMISCUITY, through their debut EP, “Basic Instinct”, is a revamp of the tape trading communion of the early 80’s, adhering crudeness of old school Heavy and Speed Metal with a frenzied besmirched vibe at the helm of the vocals. Picture yourself the late 70’s and early 80’s of MOTORHEAD, possibly early 80’s JUDAS PRIEST, with a bleeding entrails of muddy HELLHAMMER and side reel twanging of CELTIC FROST. However, PROMISCUITY made their presence smellier, reeking of the obsession for molesting sex and disgust, a pictorial of chained chaos.

Practically, it be inferred this these three original tracks, excluding the CELTIC FROST cover that wasn’t that bad in its execution, are the product of mayhemic roughness in a primitive nature. PROMISCUITY embodies straightforwardness as their primal fixation, creating havoc with simplified power chord crisps, which a fair share of these bastards have been suffocated to death for years, a few classic NWOBHM type of soloing with plenty of potential to build upon, rudimentary bass line, decent puncturing skin chops and a corpse guttural raspy toned at the mic screeching. The songs themselves are ample for any digestion by an old school diehard fan, with “The Beauty And The Bitch” being the band’s premier achievement of the entire bunch as the band’s peak creativity.

There is a certain mystic within the material, yet “Basic Instinct”, other than its intentional title, felt overpoweringly monotonous, needs several adjustments in order to set off it potential to higher grounds within the early Speed Metal revival.           

3 Star Rating

1. The Beauty And The Bitch
2. Pedophile
3. Into The Crypts Of Rays (Celtic Frost Cover)
4. Maniac's Blues
Butcher – Vocals / Guitars
Werewolf – Bass
Steel - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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