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Prong - Age of Defiance Award winner

Age of Defiance
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 11 December 2019, 7:24 AM

Into the underground scene, maybe many can’t accept these words, but they are a fact: the North American trio PRONG is the foundation of anything many can think about modern Metal genres. Anything came from the band’s work, from Tommy Victor’s mind. Metalcore, Nu Metal, Industrial Metal, Sludge and many more can traced back to any moment of the trio’s career. And this 5 song EP, called “Age of Defiance”, is really amazing. Their music is modern, greasy, catching, using contrasts between melodies and aggressiveness, filling their music with many different musical elements that paved what we can call Modern Metal. And this EP is a coming back for the drummer Aaron Rossi and for the bassist Jason Christopher, who are back. And here, the band presents two new songs, and three live shots (recorded at Berlin club Huxleys Neue Welt, in April 2015). Even in such shorter format, the trio is really amazing!

Tommy Victor produced the EP, having as co-producer Chris Collier (who mixed and mastered the songs as well), creating a crushing bones sonority that is clear and defined, but bears the aggressiveness and modern outfit that die-hard fans of the band from long years. Even the live songs are sounding in a great shape. “Age of Defiance” comes with a slow paced tempo and greasy guitar riffs, but astonishing (and excellent) melodies appears, and the vocals are really perfect, and unusual song for the band (although it keeps the traditional elements of their work). On “End of Sanity”, they show a Thrash/Hardcore song in the vein that the trio created long ago, and again it an excellent chorus and remarkable guitars. And the live versions for the greasy “Rude Awakening”, the Industrial/Modern Metal “Another Worldly Device”, and the furious and abrasive ambiance of “Cut Rate” are moments that can smash bones and brake necks.

For what seems, PRONG still has a hidden arsenal to show the world in terms of creative musicality. And “Age of Defiance” comes to tear the walls down!

Musicianship: 10
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Age of Defiance
2. End of Sanity
3. Rude Awakening (live)
4. Another Worldly Device (live)
5. Cut Rate (live)
Tommy Victor - Guitars, Vocals
Jason Christopher - Bass
Aaron Rossi - Drums
Record Label: SPV/Steamhammer


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