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Pronostic - An Atomic Decision Award winner

An Atomic Decision
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 20 January 2016, 7:18 PM

Canada was a great potency in terms of Metal in the end of the 70's and the beginning of the 80's. But after a great gap of 20 years, the land that gave RUSH, ANVIL, VOI VOD, PILEDRIVER, RAZOR, EXCITER and many others to the world is gaining a new breath. Yes, the number of good bands from Canadian lands. And another very good name from those lands is from the quartet PRONOSTIC, a Melodic/Technical Death Metal band from Montreal that comes with their first full length, the abrasive "An Atomic Decision".

Furious and brutal, but extremely technical and melodic, their musical work is really astonishing. But even with this all their very good musical technique (and sometimes they abuse of it), their songs are filled with hooking melodies, which sometimes reminds us all from those ones used on traditional Heavy Metal. Their songs are composed from good low grunts contrasting with high pitched screams, abusively technical guitar riffs and some melodic solos, and a heavy and thunderous rhythmic session that knows what to do to create a basis that their work needs. And man, how they are good.

The sound quality that "An Atomic Decision" presents is something very good, indeed. It is clear and clean as they need, and the aggressiveness of their music comes from the wisely chosen tunes of their instruments. It's something difficult to create, but they hit the jackpot and did it.

Ten very good aggressive songs wait for your ears (the first one is just an introduction). But even with the entire album being excellent, we can point to the technical work heard on "An Atomic Decision" (presenting a great work on rhythmic session, especially from the drums), the introspective feeling that fills "Useless Wait", the melodic and technical "Derived Conscience" (a great exhibition of rhythmic changes and very good guitars. These guitarists are really insane!), the thunderous roar that "What Plagues Us" emits (even with very good melodies and Jazz moments. Hear again how the guitars are wonderful), and the creative power that "Passing Towards the Afterlife" shows. But again I must say: the album is excellent from the beginning until the last second of music.

After this brutal assault that PRONOSTIC perpetrates, all that is left to say is that "An Atomic Decision" is an excellent album!

4 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. An Atomic Decision
3. Useless Wait
4. Pay to See the Day
5. Tourmented Soul
6. Derived Conscience
7. Menstrumental
9. What Plagues Us
11. Passing Towards the Afterlife
Alexandre Lauzon - Guitars, High Vocals
Charles Pilotte - Guitars, Low Vocals
Mathieu "La Vie" Laurence - Bass
Nicholas "Le Fou" Wells - Drums, Percussion
Record Label: Independent


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