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Prophetic Scourge - Gnosis - A Sorrower’s Odyssey Award winner

Prophetic Scourge
Gnosis - A Sorrower’s Odyssey
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 08 January 2022, 7:44 AM

Since the early days of Metal Greek mythology became a source of lyrics content for many bands (LED ZEPPELIN used the tragic death of Achilles on their song “Achille’s Last Stand”), and many more came after it (VIRGIN STEELE usually uses such themes today). And “Odissey”, an ancient epic poem of the poet Homer’s seems to be the inspiration of the lyrics of the French quintet PROPHETIC SCOURGE, as can be heard on “Gnosis - A Sorrower’s Odyssey”. They’re a Progressive/Technical Death Metal act, but who knows to use very good melodies on their songs (especially during the guitar solos), with a form of music based on contrasts and unexpected shifts of rhythms, along with very good changes on vocals’ tunes (guttural to shrieks and screams can be heard clearly).

But the quintet creates a form of brutal music that’s really charming and seductive for any Metal fan that hears to it (and that isn’t attached to a particular genre of Metal), and it carries a massive and great energy as well. What are you waiting for to dive into it? The band worked again with Xavier Collard on the mixing and mastering (he did the same on their 2015’s Demo “Corrupt Karmic Invigilators”). It seems that the idea was to fuse a brutal and nasty set of instrumental tunes (especially due the low tuned chords of guitars and bass guitars) with a good level of sound clarity. It’s a very good result, but it’s not perfect (but it doesn’t mean that it’s not good).

Brutal and technical, catchy but yet unexpected, the work of the band is really great, and even using long songs, the time doesn’t matters as long as one is drowned into their mysteries held by songs as “The King - An Odyssey Begins Aright” (pay attention to the rhythmic shifts and technical work of bass guitar and drums, mixing brutality and a refined technique), “The Fury - Of Tasteless Wine and Sorrow’s Flesh” (an amazing technical work, especially on the guitars, with excellent arrangements and solos), “The Pyschopomp - Deaf to the Siren’s Hail” (the guttural snarls and screams fits perfectly on the technical instrumental parts), and “The Tyrant - Wading Ward Solace He Lucidly Drowns” (some melancholic touches on the brutal and technical parts can be heard, and fits perfectly on what they do). Of course some fans that try to put things in a way as ‘it’s not real Death Metal’ (for those conservative who can’t accept evolution in music) will not accept what the quintet plays, but for those who have no problem with rules (blast them off), the band’s music is really lovely.

PROPHETIC SCOURGE did a great work on “Gnosis - A Sorrower’s Odyssey”, and the great labels of Europe and world can check their music, because their music is mature and can seduce many fans.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. The King - An Odyssey Begins Aright
2. The Cyclops - Blinded in the Garden of Eris
3. The Fury - Of Tasteless Wine and Sorrow’s Flesh
4. The Pyschopomp - Deaf to the Siren’s Hail
5. The Dragonchaser - Crowned on the Throne of Loti
6. The Mendicant - Known Only by Touch
7. The Tyrant - Wading Ward Solace He Lucidly Drowns
Josh Smith - Vocals
Robin Claude - Guitars
Romain Larregain - Guitars
Thibault Claude - Bass
Jon Erviti - Drums
Record Label: Klonosphere Records


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