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Prophets of Addiction - Reunite the Sinners

Prophets of Addiction
Reunite the Sinners
by Johnny Jackal at 24 June 2016, 12:04 PM

This band is the brainchild of Lesli Sanders, former member of PRETTY BOY FLOYD. After years of touring with similar bands, he decided to found a new band. He wanted a throwback to the late eighties and early 1990’s. He wanted something that reflected the Glam Rock genre from back in the day. He felt it was his purpose to go back to the roots of the Genre to try to continue that past glory.

I always like when bands try to go back to the roots. What if GUNS N ROSES continued their path to self destruction? What if they didn’t do that covers albums or that monumental fail ‘’Chinese Democracy’’? What if they decided to keep the train rolling after ‘’Appetite for Destruction’’ and both ‘’Use Your Illusion’’. I think PROPHETS OF ADDICTION had that mindset before recording this pretty good album.

In the last few years, we have had some more comical Glam Rock bands like STEEL PANTHER. Even though the act is quite comical, the music still has that glam attitude and reminded that generation of fans that someone could still make a great Glam Rock/Sleaze Rock album.

A lot of people took offense to that band, felt it ridiculed the genre. Some say it ruined the whole legacy of bands like MOTLEY CRUE, POISON, HANOI ROCKS and so on and so forth. I always felt it was some sort of homage to the legends of that time.
PROPHETS OF ADDICTION wanted to keep that attitude going and released a very rocking album. They are a mix of traditional Glam Rock with a touch of punk rock attitude (reminded me a lot of early RAMONES actually).

They keep the basics with the big hair, tight leopard pants and makeup like back in the day. They are true to the genre and even though it’s not a revolution in the genre, they do give it a nice little twist. It’s not the most original stuff but it’s very true to the roots of the genre. If you want something that reminds you of your early musical memories (like my generation and the generation before me), well this is some pretty good stuff. They are a band to look out for, they are doing a lot of festivals and touring throughout the globe. If they can have 10% of the success of STEEL PANTHER, they really could go places!

Songwriting: 6
Originality: 6
Memorability: 6
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. As We Fall
2. Welcome to the Show
3. Kings and Queens
4. Razor’s Edge
5. Spare the Bullets
6. Heart of Mine
7. Postcards from the Grave
8. Last of the Words
9. Reunite the Sinners
10. Exist
Lesli Sanders - Vocals, Bass
Jimmy Mess - Drums
G.G. – Guitar
Record Label: Mighty Music Records


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