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Prophets of Yahweh - Oronodromozro Award winner

Prophets of Yahweh
by Crisstopher Robyn at 06 June 2019, 10:36 AM

The PROPHETS OF YAHWEH were founded January, 2012. There is not much background when it comes to the band other than they reside in Cochin-Kerala, India. They released their album “Oronodromozro” February 19, 2019. I had to do a little research of the name YAHWEH in order to gather insight of the band. Yahweh is a form of the Hebrew name for God used in the Bible. The name came to be regarded by Jews (c. 300 BC) as too sacred to be spoken, and the vowel sounds are uncertain. Yahweh was the national god of the Iron Age kingdoms of Israel (Samaria) and Judah. His exact origins are disputed, although they reach back to the early Iron Age and even the Late Bronze Age. In the oldest biblical literature, Yahweh is a typical ancient Near Eastern "divine warrior", who leads the heavenly army against Israel's enemies. I won’t bore you with a huge history lesson, but the story is very intriguing. Let us just jump into the music!

The introduction into this album is “Oronodromozro”. The name itself is more complicated to type than speak, but not really. The music begins with a very long instrumental. The composition is very strong as the slow dark guitars and drums tend to have you lean in a different direction before the song transitions into a heavier side of the band. Blast beats and guitar strums give reminders of ACCURSED SPAWN and RELICS OF HUMANITY but the band has a natural darkness that surrounds them.  The vocals are very deep and low key but they do not overpower the music in any form. “No More” is the fourth track and it packs some devilish rhythms. The fast pace after the intro transitions back and forth throughout the song. If you love blast beats with great rhythms, this is your song.  This song is demonic and that’s a great thing.

Cure” gives this darkening sky feel as it begins. The haunting growls in the intro enhance the feeling right before the double pedals pump the heart of this song. The simple riffs of the guitars are dark and powerful. I can just imagine demonic wings opening and closing before spreading and flying off in the dead of night with my soul. “Lucid Dream” is just another nightmare of a song. Again the mind-blowing intro brings your soul into the darkness. The guitar work provides a horrific aura to the drums. The vocals themselves are very haunting whispers that creep into your ears. This song isn’t a dream, its literally a musical nightmare to my ears. In other words, it’s a masterpiece that could rival the likes of CRADLE OF FILTH and other big name Black metal bands.

PROPHETS OF YAHWEH have been hiding in a cave, or maybe under a pile of rocks since 2012. Maybe they have just been perfecting their craft and waiting to unveil it. Either way, the album is a gem. The vocals are incredibly mixed to the tones and harmonies of the guitars. They lie just underneath all of the wonderfully composed music so the music tends to stick out more, but that isn’t a horrible thing. The album is very dark and aggressive. It is something you would not imagine coming from India in any means. If you have not heard of PROPHETS OF YAHWEH yet, you better take a listen. They need to be on everyone’s radar for sure.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 10

Purchase Link:

4 Star Rating

1. Oronodromozro
2. Critical
3. Exodus
4. No More
5. The Mighty March
6. Cure
7. WW3
8. Lucid Dream
Jithin Peter - Composer, Lead Guitar, Vocals
Chris Martin - Bass
Robin Xavier - Rhythm Guitar
Gokul Vg – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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