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Prostitute Disfigurement - Embalmed Madness (CD)

Prostitute Disfigurement
Embalmed Madness
by Grigoris Chronis at 09 October 2005, 8:51 PM

What a fuckin' 'one of a kind' band! The specific music is not my cup of tea, yet I adore gore in all its forms and words like 'disfigure', 'rotting', 'abortion', 'disembowel' and 'cadaver' always made me smile anxiously ever since my childhood years (lock the loony in…). Certainly, Embalmed Madness will not be your first date seaside Italian restaurant soundtrack. This album - a reissue of the 2001 debut - is more applicable for your reaction against your ex-boy/girlfriend when caught cheating on you in the room next door on your summer vacation…
Starting up as a slayer trio called Disfigure in 2000, this Dutch band was joined by guitarist Roel prior to the recordings of their first Disfigure demo (2001). Dismemberment Records grabbed the band and - under the name Prostitute Disfigurement - the debut album Embalmed Madness was released. 1,000 copies were spread rapidly (too many mentally deranged people living among us) and Deeds Of Derangement (2003, Morbid Records) was soon to follow, this time with real drummer Tim tormenting the pity drum kit. Live appearances at Obscene Extreme, the Morbid festival and the Rotterdam Deathfest - alongside acts like Suffocation, Exhumed and Gorerotted - proved to be a high 'plus' for these flesh butchers, so Left In Grisly Fashion came out last June with Michiel (ex-Katafalk/Toxocara) filling the drum position, and reviews worldwide applauded these 'rippers'.
Enough with this summary: the reissue of Embalmed Madness - via the Unmatched Brutality label - features, obviously, the whole album plus their 2001 five track Demo. Due to the short-lived Left in Grisly Fashion release - via Relapse - the band has achieved great status and the album featured here is a great gift to accompany your guttural needs for these sodomizers. Brutal Deathgrind with hazardous morbid riffwork, unmatched bass lines and the gore throat of 'wolf' Niels. A good production prevents the ultimate chaos from descending, while samples of a technical aspect seem to be obvious from the beginning.
The bonus tracks are - of course - mainly of cult status, yet you won't observe any critical difference in the music; just the production, of course. Joel Sta from Pyaemia has 'updated' the artwork and I wonder what this would be like with a real drummer. Samples from the Turks Fruit movie are used as intermezzos here and there in the album and - feeding the beast - this sick re-release is a 'must' for Grindcore schizos that haven't yet established contact with this Dutch 'neighbor's dream. On the other hand, do you already have the original issue (kinda rare)? The Demo additions are a good gift you can't easily overlook.
Ok, I shall now go get ready for my 'blind date'. Music please! …Ah, album track number 9.

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Slaughterhouse Sledgehammer
Feasting On Remains
Choking On Defecation
Rotting Away Is Better Than Being Gay
Chainsaw Abortion
On Her Guts I Cum
Prostitute Disfigurement
Cadaver Blowjob
Bloodless (Demo Track)
Feasting On Remains (Demo Track)
On Her Guts I Cum (Demo Track)
Rotting Away Is Better Than Being Gay (Demo Track)
Dissector (Demo Track)
Roel - Guitar
Niels - Vocals
Patrick - Bass
Niels - Guitar
Record Label: Unmatched Brutality


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