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Protector - Excessive Outburst Of Depravity

Excessive Outburst Of Depravity
by Andrew Harvey at 10 July 2022, 7:56 AM

Thrash/death metal veterans PROTECTOR have been active for over 30 years now as they first got together in 1986 as they released some early demos, an EP and then their debut album GOLEM in 1988. Their second album did follow along as the band laid the foundations of thrash metal mixed with death metal as URM THE MAD came in 1989. A SHREDDING OF SKIN was their third album to date in 1991 then only two years later a fourth album dropped in 1993 titled THE HERITAGE. However by this stage the lineup began to change as the band's lineup originally was led by MARTIN MISSY on vocals, guitarist was HANSI MÜLLER, then on bass guitar was MICHAEL SCHNABEL and drummer  MICHAEL HASSE.

Unfortunately MICHAEL HASSE died in 1994 as drummer MARCO PAPE did take on drumming duties after HASSE’S death. As of 1995 - 2000 the band were less active until their return was marked in 2013 with REANIMATED HOMUNCULUS as vocalist MARTIN MISSY brings new blood to the the lineup. Now this legendary band has come back after two more albums titled CURSED AND CORONATED in 2016 and SUMMON THE HORDES in 2019 were released. Their eighth album EXCESSIVE OUTBURST OF DEPRAVITY is vocalist MARTIN MISSY’S third consecutive album since his return to the front role of the band.

Starting with “Last Stand Hill” as drums bring in the enforced guitar grinding as death metal vocals also join in. The intro track is quick as guitar leads the front which enjoys sections where vocals allow electric guitar to ignite a burning desire to triumph. “Pandemic Misery” as cymbal hits firing like fury meanwhile guitar drives the track as vocals do emphasise the words “Pandemic Misery”. From listening to this track and listening to the lyrics too I would assume this track was based on the themes of being stuck indoors as the Covid-19 pandemic took the world by surprise. The thoughts of course being focused on all the millions of people across the world who felt lost and anxious as the elements of this track portrays the themes of isolation or boredom.

The next track is “Referat IV B 4” as drums continue in a similar fashion as before. Drums are engaged in fast motion in encouraging the other elements as this 3 minute track ceases to slow down. The tempo is similar as before as we go into the next track titled “Open Skies And Endless Seas” opens with crashing cymbal hits as hardcore thrash guitar slices through the mix. The timing of this 5 minute track as it flows is a bit varied when pulse-racing drums come back briefly only they default back to the track main tempo. The contrast between time signature changes is well executed as we head into the next track “Infinite Tyranny”.

This fifth track has more fighting talk of guitar hooks and vocals do influence electric guitar to go wild. Vocals spit out words of violence and can be heard as intimidating but now go onto the sixth track which is “Perpetual Blood Oath”. This track starts off with occultic vocals which are ghastly then the other instruments are brought back to cause absolute carnage. Drums do strike a chord when they create a short transition as the tempo slows down a bit. Safe to say this track is flooded by guitar vibrato and creative tone. “Thirty Years Of Perdition” with blowing wind and unusual bouncing sound effects then guitar eats up what it can with beefy hooks and drums which are clear and concise.

A passage for drums to improvise as guitar tags along as there is a stampede of a death defying mixture as the track decays gradually. “Cleithrophobia” runs on an adrenaline rush as drums roll on a tight pace for vocals to pour into this boiling pot of hot, sizzling thrash/death metal. Sensational guitar work is just as good as drums in this wild, buzz of a track. A breakdown section for drums to throw various patterns and punches of clarity. There it’s full steam ahead into the next track “Toiling In Sheol” as heavy, beast-like vocals give way to guitar, bass and drums expressing cold, bitter feelings of discontent.

“Shackled By Total Control” also a belter as drums vary patterns to fit in this track as guitar does sustain at times. Drums throw themselves into a phase of mental mayhem but vocals come back in to settle the track as guitar mark where drums can solo. “Morse Mania” is the last of the album as it is a 3 minute intense, shocking force of nature. Vocals come and go as guitar plus bass and drums remain in the spotlight to drive this album right to the closing climax. It’s a short enough track ending with a hint of morse code sound effect and that concludes this album. This album certainly brings out thrash and death metal together but I felt the tempo was the same throughout as death metal goes. However guitar and vocals do bring out the best of thrash from the 80’s or 90’s.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 6
Memorability: 6
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Last Stand Hill
2. Pandemic Misery
3. Referat IV B 4
4. Open Skies And Endless Seas
5. Infinite Tyranny
6. Perpetual Blood Oath
7. Thirty Years Of Perdition
8. Cleithrophobia
9. Toiling In Sheol
10. Shackled By Total Control
11. Morse Mania
Martin Missy - Vocals
Michael Carlsson - Guitar
Mathias Johan - Bass Guitar
Carl-Gustav Karlsson - Drums
Record Label: High Roller Records


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Edited 06 October 2022

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