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Protector - Summon The Hordes Award winner

Summon The Hordes
by Craig Rider at 29 April 2019, 3:35 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: PROTECTOR; signed via High Roller Records, hailing from the glory of Germany - performing Thrash/Death Metal, on their 7th album entitled: “Summon The Hordes” (released 26/04/2019).

Since formation in 1986; the quartet in question have 7 albums in their discography so far, I am introduced to their 7th album entitled: “Summon The Hordes”. 10 tracks ranging at around 38:25; PROTECTOR arrange an intricately designed formula of heavy-hitting Thrash/Death Metal amalgamations, “Stillwell Avenue” begins the record - developing amplified adrenaline, boisterously bouncy catchiness and crunchy aesthetics of adroitly combust flamboyancy. Fabricating a creative characteristic of their own blend of old-school Big Teutonic 4 madness; this here band attribute groovy haste, primitive savagery and a solidified slab of sinister vehemence - ultilizing uniquely versatile wonders of prodegiously onimous persistency. Forging diverse firepower, chugging chaos and galloping expertise.

Consisting of Martin Missy on vocals; the frontman conveys a consistently complex demonstration of gnarly pipes, high-pitched deadliness and a dynamic flair of raspy shrieks that strike with rawly relentless rage. “Steel Caravan” injects infectiously dextrous diligence from guitarist Michael Carlsson; frolicking mayhem manifested with blistering bolts of banging harmonies, implementing inventive elements in which constructively contrasts efficiently distinguished hostility. Belters like “Realm Of Crime” embellishes on experimental granduers of concretely gritty finesse; distributing explosive remedies of profusely robust stabilities, showcasing organic substance and rapidly swift nimbleness with thunderous precision – supplying rambunctious technicalities that stampede with speed and rampaging sound production maliciousness.

Audible bassist Mathias Johansson executes electrifying energy; converging captivating instrumentation in which engages on fluidly polished ramifications, songs like “The Celtic Hammer” pound with pummeling thumps - quintessentially stomping with wildly rushing quakes. Speaking of hammering; drumming powerhouse Carl-Gustav Karlsson batters his steel with slamming virtuosity, tracks like “Two Ton Behemoth” assists in inventively pumped up juices that pursuits jumpy kicks and killer rhythms that revolves around monstrously meaty riffs that will make your soul fly like a mad bulldozer on the fritz. “Summon The Hordes” frantically brings a borderline foundation of memorable songwriting, and seamlessly sonic slabs of full-throttle thrash mania - all this so far is guaranteed to get your head banging in no time.

Three Legions” lacerates razor-sharp roars that shred with punchline prestigousness; mid-tempo momentums, and grinding hymns - onslaughting a barraged frenzy of punishing outbursts, overarched with mass immersion in mind. “Meaningless Eradication” fuels intensely extreme fury; fiercely decimating brains into head-crushing blitzkreig, screaming with vengeance and velocity – raising fists into slow-paced beats and blasting aggression. “Unity, Anthems and Pandemonium” establishes a meticulous lumbering of blinding detail; resulting subjugated submerges of silver lining dosages of brutal soundscapes that provides terrific progression of terror. Overall concluding “Summon The Hordes” with the 1:49 finale: “Glove Of Love” providing hints of punk transitions; PROTECTOR certainly outdone themselves with this one.

Bottom line; I enjoyed a loaf of entertaining, Thrash ‘n’ Death Metal…PROTECTOR excelled with strong snappiness - winning and earning a new fan in the process - definitely a contender for 2019s album of the year of these sub-genres - bravo.

Songwriting: 9
Memorability: 8
Originality: 8
Sound Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Stillwell Avenue
2. Steel Caravan
3. Realm of Crime
4. The Celtic Hammer
5. Two Ton Behemoth
6. Summon the Hordes
7. Three Legions
8. Meaningless Eradication
9. Unity, Anthems and Pandemonium
10. Glove of Love
Martin Missy - Vocals
Michael Carlsson - Guitar
Mathias Johansson - Bass
Carl-Gustav Karlsson - Drums 
Record Label: High Roller Records


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