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Protestant - In The Name

In Thy Name
by Shaun "The Music Junky" Schwanke at 23 August 2014, 3:20 PM

PROTESTANT is a veteran Blackened Hardcore Punk band that hails from Milwaukee Wisconsin. The band has been bludgeoning crowds with their intense blend of Hardcore, Punk, and Black Metal for nearly a decade. “In Thy Name” comes in at nearly 32 minutes, relatively short for an eight-song album.

With that being said the sonic assault you will endure for that time is more than enough. The songs are chock full of rage, and literally sound like a soundtrack to the end of days. However the production quality is lacking. Each track bares no distinction from the next, and the vocals are buried amidst a whirlwind of sludgy guitars, murky bass, and distorted drums. I find it very difficult to sit through this entire album due mostly to the less than stellar production, which I am fairly certain is by design, given the genre. This music sounds like what I would imagine you might hear in the afterlife if you were not lucky enough to ascend to the pearly gates. IF I were to compliment anything on this album it would be the dual guitar harmonies in various sections throughout the album, and some of the double bass work on the drums. The vocals are nearly insufferable, and the drumming while quite good in areas will never truly be appreciated for it lies buried beneath layers of oversaturated grime. “In Thy Name (Hell’s Insanity) is the standout track on this album. I would not call it a great song by any means; it is simply better than the rest of this heaping slab of aural destruction.

If you like your music utterly grimy, and destructive: like a violent assault on your senses you may dig PROTESTANT

1 Star Rating

1. Vengeance
2. Carrion
3. Never Forget
4. Vultures
5. Blood
6. In Thy Name (Hell's Insanity)
8. Delusion
Brian Morrison - Drums
Chris Ellis - Guitars
Cory VonBohlen - Vocals
Jesse Smith - Bass
Record Label: Throatruiner Records


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