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Proxillian - But Sorrow Remains

But Sorrow Remains
by MarcusTheRocker at 27 November 2015, 9:12 PM

Let’s talk reissues. This often involves taking something and then re-releasing it making it easier to get a hold of especially if the original was hard to find or has been long out of print for a while. This is a trend used a lot in the music industry as labels will often find gems recorded by bands that disbanded long ago and they’ll remaster and re-release it so today's modern audience can hear it for the first time.

Reissues are not just limited to labels as bands will often do it too and sometimes they’ll reissue an album after either independently releasing it on their own before signing to a label or they’ll do it to commemorate the anniversary of an album. Whichever way it’s done, it’s a trend you’ll see a lot in the music scene these days and the latest one to do it is a band called PROXILLIAN.

Formed in 2012, PROXILLIAN are a quintet of German Dark Melodic Metal who are made up of three former members of the band 4 PRESSURE plus two additional musician totaling five members. In 2013, they independently released their debut album “But Sorrow Remains” but after signing a deal with German label RPM Music in 2014, the band decided to remaster and re-release the album this year and I will see what it is like in this review so let’s get to it.

Clocking in at around 46 minutes long across 11 songs, the album opens up with a short instrumental called “Prelude to Tragedy” before launching into the first vocal track on the album “Savior” and when the latter kicks in, the heavy guitars and wailing vocals give us a taste of what this new German band are capable of. The opening instrumental builds up the anticipation with some suspense building melodies and then the opening vocal track kicks things into high gear and granted yes it does have a couple of faults which are mainly the vocals which sound very hit and miss but it’s not so bad if you look past it.

Throughout the remainder of the album, there are a few hit or miss moments in the music as there are some enjoyable songs but there are those which can sound a bit off so which ones you like all depends on you. As for me, the ones I enjoyed by looking past the hit and miss vocals were “In Memories”, “I Just Wanna Keep My Dreams”, “When Two Worlds Collide” and “Silent Tears” whereas the rest were I thought to be okay but not great.

Throughout the album, there were moments where I thought the overall production and sound could have been tweaked. I don’t know what it is but the overall production and sound feels a bit rushed as it doesn’t sound as crisp or clean as it should do. There were moments when I decided to look past this as I did find a couple of enjoyable songs but the production and sound as a whole just didn’t sit right with me.

The same is also said for the vocals because at times, they were either hard to hear over the music, or the singer was wailing and screaming a bit too much, which resulted in my ears getting hurt when that happened, but it didn’t happen that often so I’ll forgive it this once.

Bottom line, PROXILLIAN have made an album that, depending on the listener can either be something they enjoy, something they hate or something they find to be hit and miss depending on the song. I’m in the camp that finds it to be hit and miss as I did think it could have been better as there was potential in some of the songs but the overall feel or the production, the music and the sound could have been tweaked a bit better but otherwise it was alright for the most part.

3 Star Rating

1. Prelude to Tragedy
2. Savior
3. In Memories
4. I Just Wanna Keep My Dreams
5. When Two Worlds Collide
6. Traveller in Time
7. Silent Tears
8. Battlefield
9. In My Time of Sadness
10. Puppet Eyes
11. But Sorrow Remains
Marcel - Vocals
Basti - Guitar
Alex - Guitar
Benny "Sun" - Bass
Adrian - Drums
Record Label: RPM Music


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